Sunday 9 December 2012

Quick review: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Oh my godness. Guitar godness that is. Jon Spencer called the crowds to Festsaal and they came aplenty. No snow could deter these folks. Festsaal was sold out and boiling despite minus degrees and inches of snow outside.

And they got rewarded. With great guitar madness, ridiculously good rhythm and a fantastic sound. The man Jon Spencer, having aged a little like we all do, still knows how to delight the masses with his fusion of blues and garage rock, as well as rocking out skills to die for.

When he came on to the scene in the 90s, people may have laughed (while strangely enjoying themselves) but 20 years, on the concept has proven to be traditional enough for old school blues and rock'n'roll enthusiasts but wild enough for the kids. With his indie label background he is a household name, has influenced many, and his mere presence gives comfort to those who have dabbed in indie music for as long as we have. But it's the wild rock'n'roll parties that this man and his crew will always get the most credit for.

And so Festsaal turned into a hotpot of sexy rock guitars, blues vocals, and intense loudness altogether, with an appreciative crowd shouting along and some troublemakers, too. What a night!

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