Sunday, 9 October 2011

Review: Moon Duo + Male Bonding

I like a surprise, most of the time. And this was a night of surprises! Surprise number one: the gig started at 8:40pm. I'm not kidding you. Second surprise at the time but not in hindsight: Male Bonding played before Moon Duo. (Yes, I know, doh, but beforehand I honestly thought Male Bonding were going to be on last). The third surprise comes later on.

We got to Festsaal at 9pm and were able to catch a few songs of the opening band, a trio from Italy with the name of Edible Woman (I know). They were way too crossover funk for me and I was glad when their set had ended. If you like it funky and crossover and Italian, this is for you. It wasn't for me.

Because this whole evening was running an hour early, not too many people had showed up yet when Male Bonding took the stage. However, they played for the most part of an hour and by the end, Festsaal was sufficiently filled. I like Male Bonding. They play that very straight forward indie punk, like Dinosaur Jr and bands like that, that is simply enjoyable. In addition, they have a sweet stage presence, like the kind of guys you want to hang out with afterwards. We danced and smiled, and we laughed at two guys who were taking the band's name very literal indeed, taking their shirts off and going crazy in front of (and on) the stage. They were a little creepy but made for a good additional show. Overall a very good set that included all the hits, but they could have played just a few songs less. It was a very long set, given there was another band to come, and really, most of their songs sound kind of similar when played live. Still, fun!

Now for my third suprise of the evening. I knew some older stuff by Moon Duo and it was a little stoner spacy for me. So I was planning on staying for a few songs and then calling it an early night. Ha, no way! I was so wrong. The new material is a lot more accessible and dancable. Imagine a modern-day joy division, spiced up with some really nice organ playing, a drum computer and psyechedelic guitar solos. And that two-piece girl/boy energy. The duo was rocking out on stage, which was flooded by video projections and lights that really enhanced the atmosphere. I am seldomly impressed by projections but was really loving these, only to find out afterwards that they were done by a good friend. (Another surprise for you there). The whole set was incredible and I found myself dancing until the very end and yearning for much more. Moon Duo got me addicted and would have continued through the night if it was up to me. When I got in my car I couldn't turn on the radio as I ordinarily would have done; I was still buzzing too much from the concert. 

I have a new favourite band*, yes I do!

 *(jointly with Health that is)

Here is a video of theirs that gives me goosebumps still this morning.


  1. That moon duo band sound really good! Must have been a good gig with male bonding as well,

    Alex x

  2. greetings from two creepy shirtless guys! ;)

  3. Greetings to you two! You made me smile for sure. :)