Sunday, 30 October 2011

Preview: the week ahead (31th Oct - 6th Nov)

Really? November is here already? Before you'll know it we'll have to do our end of year review. Until then, we try and cramp in as many gigs as possible:

Yuck at Magnet Club: This band is haunting me. They played in LA when I was there. But it was sold out. Then they played in Europe a while back but I couldn't make it. Maybe it's a third time lucky for me or maybe I have given up by now. However, this shouldn't deter you! Yuck play post punk indie rock of the rather mellow variety but at times loud. Nice.
Svarte Greiner and Alexander Rishaug at NK: Svarte Greiner plays dark and doomy experimental music. Think of a David Lynch movie with eerie soundscapes and noises. Alexander Rishaug's music fits quite well in here. This is probably like the best soundtrack for Halloween day.

Washed Out at Lido: 80s sounding indie synth pop. The man knows a good tune and he will entertain the dance-willing crowds on Wednesday. You may just meet the craze girl there. Or I might go for curry instead. But this is noteworthy!

Dum Dum Girls at Festsaal: See our review from last time and the month's preview for information. I'm excited about this one!

ByeRoy!: this is the second to last event at bei Roy for this year before they have to close for a winter break until next spring. There are plenty of bands playing, Pascal Fühlbrügge (former Kollossale Jugend guitar player), Echokrank (with Brezel Göring from Stereo Total), P.U.F.F.  and Shield your Eyes, just to name a few. Also local heroes Diät are playing their first ever show this night. After the live music you should stay for the after show party and go nuts!

de Brassers and pr0n at bei Roy: if you are into post punk and dark coldwave stuff you should check out de Brassers from Belgium and visit bei Roy's last concert for this year!

Cara Beth Satalino at Silverfuture: Singer and guitarist from Witches with her solo singer songwriter project.
Veronica Falls at Roter Salon: Anticipated show by this female fronted British indie pop group. A very nice way to spend our Sunday afternoon. Yum!!


  1. Hey, are you sure veronica falls is an afternoon show? The rother salon show says it's at 8!

  2. hmm, i think you're right. i've changed it now. originally, we were told it was a matinee but it appears that our information is dated. regular evening show it is. thank you for alerting us!

  3. I was hoping to be wrong! Will have to juggle cara beth and veronica. Just as a side note: cara beth at SF starts at 8 sharp. Very sharp (so I can go to roter salon after!!).