Saturday 1 October 2011

Preview: the week ahead (3rd Oct - 9th Oct)

Hey, are you all enjoying the weather the way we are doing? Yes? Good. The evenings are getting darker though and we spend those out on the town, where else. Here's what's catching our attention:

Rae Spoon at Silver Future: Singer-songwriter country folk tunes, reminds me strongly of early Mary Lou Lord stuff or maybe Lois. I saw him several times now and it was always great, so be sure to not miss this.

Eleanor Friedberger at Monarch: more singer-songwriter tunes, but this time by an American lady who also makes up 50% of The Fiery Furnaces. Her songs remind me a little of ballads sang by Chrissie Hynde. Yum.

Night Birds and Apostrophe at bei Roy: Night Birds = spazzy punk rock à la Shitty Limits. C* loves this kind of thing and may just spend Wednesday night dancing away in Neukölln.

Flamingo Creatures, Hering und seine sieben Sachen and Ben Butler & Mousepad at bei Roy: Ben Butler, yay!!! Since these ex-Berlinians have moved back to Scotland, I am so missing my regular Ben Butler & Mousepad fix. I'm well excited about this one. Oh yeah, and there is Flamingo Creatures (two Datashock members with their solo experimental ambient noise project, so to speak) and Hering und seine sieben Sachen (something quite comparable to Flamingo Creatures), too. We will celebrate our start to the weekend at bei Roy, yeah.

Rae Spoon at Fab Lab: If you couldn't find the time on Monday, here's your second chance.

Male Bonding and Moon Duo at Festsaal Kreuzberg: One of my most played songs on lastfm is by Male Bonding (Year's not long). A hit. Male Bonding are indie rock with a punk drum beat, a bit Dinosaur Jr if you know what I mean. Very good fun and a must for any fan of the genre. Moon Duo on the other hand do a darkish thing with drum machine, not unlike The Kills. In fact, this will really appeal fans of The Kills.


  1. Dear J.

    NIce blog. Good selection of gigs!
    I didnt find any email on the blog to contact you directly.
    I'm Jacki a nice location on the spree.

    Me and my mambo team are hosting Ben Butler & Mousepad on thursday.

    Take a look at our program

    Thank you


  2. hey jacki, i've added you to the venue list and i will most likely see you on thursday. as a big ben butler & mousepad fan, i will make sure not to miss this one! thank you for altering us! :)