Sunday 9 October 2011

Preview: the week ahead (10th - 16th Oct)

A little intro does no harm. So we have a jammed packed week ahead. And we like it. Dance with us to Edie Sedgwick like you know no tomorrow!

Mimas at Schokoladen: Danish post-rock trio that will appeal to all indie kids really. Clever and pop and with many influences. Schokoladen = early show!
Catholic Spray and BATALJ at bei Roy: BATALJ = chaos and noise that makes our hearts beat faster. We love. Catholic Spray = surfy punk à la Wavves, etc but with a bit more noise and chaos. We love, too. Oh, this is going to be so sweet! What a start to the week.
House Of Wolves and Hanna & Kerttu at Madame Claude: When I search the internet for House of Wolves, I get a lot of My Chemical Romance hits. Oh brother. Needless to say, this one-man singer-songwriter project is in no way linked to the former enterprise. Au contraire! House Of Wolves from Los Angeles plays dreamy pop with an array of instruments. Reminds me of Prince ballads coupled with Beirut instrumentals, but more conventional than you may think. I know sounds weird in writing but not in music, trust me.

Architecture in Helsinki at Lido: Unconventional pop. c* is a fan albeit not yet convinced by the new material. But I'm there and dancing. Watch me.
Fenster and Aurora Kiss at Knochenbox: Fenster = Berlin based quirky pop trio. Aurora Kiss = Berlin based one-man Australian show, electronically. You need to bring your sense of humour for this one.

Planningtorock and Love Inks at Berghain (Panorama Bar): Experimental music, at times drone and at times minimalist and then again full force. Big business but still worth your attention. Though expensive and probably packed.

Abwärts and Electroboys at SO36: Germany's punk heroes from the 1980s, who have given us hits and hits and a quirky image. Your chance to see their legacy live.

Edie Sedgwick and Sissters at Schokoladen: Gig of the week, hands down. Synth punk with fun, fun, fun and a nice film star theme. Oh yes!! Support comes from local stars Sissters. Saturday night is alright!

Skeleton$ and Lucky Dragons at HAU2: Skeleton$ really did it for us last time. We came with few expectations and left with big happy faces. Read our review from last time. Lucky Dragons are a worthy support, creating experimental sounds of all sorts.
Melvins at Volksbühne: Another night, another legacy. Is there another band on the planet that knows how to rock the way Melvins do? Most likely not. Ow!
Conquering Animal Sound at Monarch: Ambient sounds with female vocals. Will appeal to Portishead or Björk fans and is a nice relaxed way to end your weekend.