Sunday 23 October 2011

Preview: the week ahead (24th - 30th Oct)

Naturally, it's been a special week for us here at the craze. We're one year old! If you haven't heard about our competition yet, check it out! Closing date is not until Wednesday. Time f'r turning four leaf clover
In other news: a fine week ahead indeed. But Civil Civic and Digger Barnes on the same night? Ouch! I will do a crazy attempt of watching both, at least in part. Wild, I know.

Holy Ghost! at Museum für Kommunikation: NYC based indie dance music may not be for everyone. But this is a special show at the amazing Museum für Kommunikation (it's brilliant, believe me) and with the participation of the audience. To find out how you can influence the show, go to Noisey.

Dylan Ettinger and Moon Wheel at Madame Claude: This gig is a positive surprise in our gig calendar this week. We didn't really notice it until fairly recently and I am now excited about this one! Mellow folk and world influenced tunes from Moon Wheel (definitely an artist to watch out for; I'm hooked on their SoundCloud tunes) and ambient electronica with psychedelic vocals from Dylan Ettinger, a mix between Jean-Michel Jarre and Sun Araw though I think it can get pretty loud and wild live. I'd say gig of the week if it wasn't for crazy Wednesday.

Digger Barnes with Pencil Quincy, Mary Ocher and Touchy Mob bei Roy: It doesn't get better than this event, really. Digger Barnes and Pencil Quincy will perform their unbelievable spectacle of sound and vision that has mesmerised us before (still one of the most read posts on the craze!). Don't miss this! It will probably be the best show you have ever seen in your life. High quality support from the talented Mary Ocher and the productive Touchy Mob will make this the number one event this autumn. Really.
Civil Civic and Camera at Marie-Antoinette: You have no idea how long I, c*, have been waiting for this gig. This will better live up to its promises or else! I am a fan of this instrumental post-punk duo and I have been supporting their album and deservedly so: one of the best albums of the year. I know they like a good show, so this will be amazing. Support comes from Berlin based outfit Camera. Come out and dance!

Burial Hex, The Church of Synth and Mueran Humanos at King Kong Klub: When was the last time you attended a gig at King Kong Klub? Exactly! Well, this week, they've got a beauty of an event and you'd be daft to miss it. Burial Hex = masters of dark ambient, industrially influenced music that will give you the chills. It's funny to think that there is such a thing as a split LP between Burial Hex and Zola Jesus. While the latter has become more and more commerical, the former has intensified the weirdness and amazingness of their music. Worthy support, too, but I am running out of space here. If you like your music arty, you should head to King Kong this Thursday. Period.

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on:
Dure Mère, Monopeople, Duo Bellanger Ziemniak and Une Distraction bei Roy / Trashfest 4 at Raum 20: This is going to be a bit special! Neighbouring Neukölln locations bei Roy and Raum 20 do a collaboration this night. It's going to be one entry fee for both concerts and locations (they're door to door so you can easily switch between the rooms) and you will be able to see a shitload of great music here. The original bei Roy line up features Dure Mère and Duo Bellanger Ziemniak, both french groups playing jazzy tunes somehow. Also Monopeople will play, they play Lightning Bolt style bass and drums noise rock. Une Distraction already got featured here, you definitely shouldn't miss them, they're awesome to say the least!
Trashfest also features a nice bunch of bands, check out the facebook event page for the whole line up. It's mostly trashy, crazy and rocky, they've got bands like Destruction Unit, the Mokkers and Krach der Roboter playing.

Why? at hbc: Anticon protègés Why? are playing Berlin and that is pretty exciting in its own right, even though it's "only" a "Semi Acoustic Piano Show Pt.1". I admit that I struggle to describe Why? but how about quoting Wikipedia here: Indie rock, Alternative hip hop, Jangle pop, Folk rock. This is going to be amazing and you will need a pretty good excuse to miss this. 

The Moustache and The Hans at Madame Claude: Berlin based artists doing what they know to do best: being quirky and fun. A local heroes event at Madame Claude.
Peter Kernel at Schokoladen: I don't know why but I think the name doesn't sound enticing. But don't be fooled! This is not a solo singer-songwriter but post-punk pop at its finest, played by a group. And with a big portion of fun. I truly recommend this to you highly.

Nite Jewel at Monarch: Slightly theatrical singing to wave music. Those nostalgic for the 80s or those missing "the old" Zola Jesus should find their passion here. The lady knows what she's doing and she's doing it well.
Mutter at Festsaal: The popular group from Berlin is back at Festsaal and I expect it will be packed. c* is not a fan, J. likes 'em. It's a love or hate kind of band but I guess the band appeals to Einstürzende Neubauten fans for sure.

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