Friday, 14 October 2011

Preview: the week ahead (17th - 23rd Oct)

In our minds, we are still in this week, we are still so excited about tomorrow. But we must look to the future and give you the preview for the week ahead. And yes, October is slowing down a bit. But don't let that fool you - there are some seriously classy events still to happen during the second half of this month. Check it out.

High Wolf, Blue Stork and Indias Indios at Loophole: High Wolf do that very experimental psychedelic kind of thing with neverending sound doodling songs that put people into a trance. This will appeal to those that hang out at Madame Claude on Mondays. They are also known for a pretty far out live performance, masks and projections and whatnot. You're in for something special.

Divorce and Stignoise at Schokoladen: A British extravaganza! Divorce do amazing arty noise, like a mix between Mae Shi, Erase Errata and Lightning Bolt (I know, I'm going crazy on the comparisons here) and I am well up for this. Stignoise, also known as Stig Noise Sound System, play more arty noise, but this time a little bit more experimental (trumpets and things, really). This is the gig of the week for me. And btw, the same bill is playing the Old Blue Last, Vice's pub, in London a few days previously, so the humourous hip persons among you, come along and let's go wild.
Real Estate at Magnet: (show starts 9pm sharp!) Sweet indie pop that kind of sounds like a slowed down Belle & Sebastian, with a surf twang. OK, I'm not rocking on the comparisons today. But they fit quite nicely with all that mellow indie pop coming from across the pond these days. I like it. And I will probably go. Because this is sweet.

Of Montreal and Uffie at Gretchen: But Oh, Thursday is a tough one for sure. All three gigs are very tempting and the choice is tough. Of Montreal are an amazing theatrical performance of a gig - you'll get costumes, performance and good music for your money and you won't leave disappointed. We went last year and we danced and smiled. And it's a chance to check out Gretchen, which we haven't done yet. Highly recommended event. :)

Schnaak and Jean Louis at bei Roy: Schnaak's website reads: "After several excursions through Europe, USA and Africa Berlin-duo SchnAAk has lived up and loves weird hip-hop beats, parallel comic-art universes and stylish African rhythms, though still working deep down in a factory of cosmic noise." and I have no better way of explaining their incredible weirdness. I'm excited about this one!! More incredible weirdness comes for experimental outfit Jean Louis. Be there, be prepared. 

The Blood Arm at Magnet: OK, so this is an odd one for us to feature, admittedly. The Blood Arm are a 60s rock influenced indie group that is hard to categorise but definitely have a pretty commercial sound to them. But I just like a good performance and frontguy Nathaniel Fregoso really knows how to put on a show, oh yes. If you like your Jagger and you like your Svenonious and those other charismatic frontmen, chances are that you'll like this. 

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