Wednesday 21 September 2011

Tomorrow - crazy Thursday

Have you checked out the calendar for tomorrow? No? Well, here is a quick overview of all the live music events happening this Thursday night. I felt like giving you an addition to our regular weekly preview, just because tomorrow is so silly. I want to be everywhere in the below list at the same time. Damn you Berlin booking agents!


EMA and Ganglians at Festsaal: see our weekly preview.

Zachary Cale and This Frontier Needs Heroes at Schokoladen: Singer-songwriter material with a beautiful voice and a melancholy that will pursuade a few of you. Remember gigs at Schokoladen start at 7. Also, Schokoladen have their court case the next morning. So celebrate with them tonight and support them at court tomorrow.

Emeralds at West Germany: Extremely productive and loved by Pitchfork among others, this Cleveland group will have you dance and sway with their dancy and dreamy synth melodies.

John Vanderslice at nbi: Theatrical singer-songwriter material of the very American variety. The man has been writing and producing music for a long time and is worth your attention.

Let's Wrestle at Privat Club: Post-punk, poppy, light and nerdy.

Now is that silly or what? Maybe our little overview will help you make up your mind or maybe it will have the opposite effect. See you around town tomorrow night for sure!


  1. the parts & labor show got cancelled like two months ago.

  2. like thanks for letting us know! sad but now corrected.