Saturday 3 September 2011

Preview: the week ahead (5th - 11th Sep)

It's Berlin Music Week & CTM this week, so there are enough music events for you to enjoy. In addition, the Berlin Music Festival is taking place next weekend. Whoa, one big party week in Berlin. Aside from all that madness, we have picked out a few gems for you as well:

Les Jolies, Liberty Madness and P.U.F.F. at bei Roy: This is like a wavy garage punk package. Les Jolies from France play a mix between garage and post punk. Sounds like they could be great live. Supported by Liberty Madness (who play more like a mix of hardcore and garage punk) and P.U.F.F., this should be fun!

Datashock, Pretty Lightning, Awe and Laser Poodle at bei Roy: This is going to be good, trust me. Datashock are getting quite a lot of media attention lately after the release of their newest record "Die Pyramiden von Gießen." They've been around for quite some time now and although (or maybe it's because of that) they've been changing their line up and musical style, they've always been good both live and on records. If you are into things like ambient, experimental, Krautrock you seriously can't miss this! Pretty Lightning is another project of two Datashock members. They play more straight forward guitar and drums music, it's like a mixture of psychedelic blues rock and lo-fi folk. Check them out. Awe is a project of some people from Altes Finanzamt. They play electro acoustic ambient noise music, using traditional and "exotic" instruments like sitar and electric guitar processed with effects. Sounds good. Laser Poodle is another project of the guy doing Fyoelk. It's more or less experimental electronic music. This is a really nice package and you shouldn't miss it!

Zachary Cale at Bis Aufs Messer: For all of you who like the weekend to end with some sweet mellowness, we recommend Mr Cale to you instead of the TV. That's because his voice will mesmerise you and when you are back at work or school on Monday morning, you will be strangly relaxed and you just won't know why. Magic.
Remember the early playing times at Bis Aufs Messer, and see what Mr Cale looks like in a record shop in the following video:

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