Saturday 24 September 2011

Preview: the week ahead (26th Sep - 2nd Oct)

Oh boy, we've had a busy week. You'll hear from us soon on that. And there is more to come... autumn is here alright. What a week ahead!! 

Greg MacPherson at Roter Salon (Volksbühne): I almost missed this one, but it's more than worth mentioning. Greg MacPherson is a seriously talented singer songwriter with a great voice and fantastic stories to tell. I don't know whether he's going to play with a whole band or, more likely, just solo with guitar, but in any case he manages to create a great atmosphere and leave an impression. 

Herman Düne at Festsaal Kreuzberg: the amount of great 'singer songwriters' this Monday is definitely too damn high. We already wrote lots of good things about Herman Düne so it's up to you now...
The Fresh & Onlys at Antje Öklesund: It's lucky for you that we do our preview at such short notice because this means that we can include this spontaneous gig. You'll enjoy their digestable but clever indie rock à la My Bloody Valentine, Lush et al. This is going to be sweet. 

Haossaa and Don Vito at Knochenbox: Clever and rhythmic noise. You know the craze girl likes Lightning Bolt, Health et al. Well, the craze girl likes Hoassaa. But it's a tough one because Wednesday is offering too much choice to Berlin live music fans. Yet again.
Rvivr + Sissters at about:blank: Melodic indie punk rock from Rvivr, clever post-punk from our Berlinians Sissters. This is going to be good and adds to the difficulty of deciding where to spend the evening on Wednesday.
Purling Hiss at Monarch: You like Ty Segall and Wavves? You'll love Purling Hiss. Fact. 70s inspired rock the way they played it in the early 90s. It's having such a revival and I'm loving it. Meet me, C*, here on Wednesday and let's rock out!

Zola Jesus at Berghain: Zola Jesus is presenting her new album and what better venue to choose than Berghain? Danceable hi-fi dark wave dance music. If you know what I mean. This is the for the sophisticated indie music lover and most likely it's going to be an awe-inspiring music event, given the surroundings.
Pantha Du Prince and the Bell Laboratory at Manalese Gallerie: Pantha Du Prince is curating an art exhibition called Kunst Als Klang at Manalese Gallerie. As part of this, there is going to be a concert this Thursday. Expect greatness.

Shokei and The Falcon Five at Schokoladen: Rhythmic danceable punk, for fans of Team Robespierre and Death Set, and just as funny, too. Shokei are one of the funniest live bands ever and the crowd typically goes insane. Go to this if you want to have a good time on a Saturday evening. The Falcon Five do post-punk and they do that well. Make sure you show up early enough (Schokoladen = 7pm!) to catch both bands.

Tim Schmidt at Festsaal Kreuzberg: Originally Swedish singer-songwriter of the folk variety and reminds me very much of Digger Barnes, or vice versa. His website actually says "With a perfect blend of American and English folk traditions, sophisticated fingerpicking and earthy voice, Tim Schmidt seems to incarnate Nick Drake, Michael Hurley and Bob Dylan all in one body." and I reckon that's a pretty good way of describing Mr Schmidt's magic. Amazing voice and lyrics. Let's hang out mellow on Sunday night at Festsaal.

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