Saturday 19 March 2011

A swinging summer

It was announced today that the reformed 1990s HC group Swings Kids will tour Europe this summer under the name of Blue Note. You just have to believe me when I tell you that Swing Kids are one of the top five live bands I have ever witnessed. And while the members of the band have grown older, you do have an array of amazing talent on stage when these guys perform: Sweep The Leg Johnny, The Locust, Tristeza and The Album Leaf were just some of the subsequent groups that members of Swing Kids played in.

This is what it was like to watch Swing Kids in 1996. The craze girl is in the audience but naturally, you cannot spot her due to her height of 1,56m.

And this is a film which includes footage of their gig last year. Sadly, the original guitar player and wonderful person Eric Allen passed away several years ago but I think he would be proud of this. Oddly, the audience is ridiculously idle. Let's hope Europeans will be more into rocking to make these gigs unforgettable events.


  1. check out the audience in 1996, not knowing what to make of it! except for the naked guy of course...

  2. - tour dates announced. no berlin?!