Sunday 20 March 2011

Preview: the week ahead (21th-27th March)

A jam-packed week ahead, giving a hint of what April is going to feel like.

Woods at Comet Club: I nearly missed this one. Either the Woods lo-fi neo folk hype is over or there's just no need to advertise them anymore. Either way Comet Club was already nearly sold out when I got my ticket last week. I really like most of their records, let's see how they do live this time.

Glasses, Mononoke and Tyran Tyran at ://about blank: If you need a musical punch in the face go see Glasses that night. They rock! Mononoke play something like Emocore and Tyran Tyran are a new band from Berlin. It's their first show ever that evening.

A Hawk And A Hacksaw at hbc: from New Mexico, this is really something! This duo play amazing wonderful folky sounds, reminiscent of former times, mainly instrumented with a violin and an accordion. If you are into Beirut et al, or even just into Coen films, join c* on Wednesday at hbc.

Terror Bird at Madame Claude: Still on Tour, if you are into dark and wavy stuff like Zola Jesus and want like a cozy small location, this is your chance.
Ducktails and Ignatz at West-Germany: This seems to be experimental Friday. Ducktails are another Woodsist Records Band and play psychedelic lo-fi folk stuff, think of Woods etc.

Gang of Four at C-Club: I don't think I have to say much about this, one of the best and (musically as well as politically) most influental Post-Punk bands ever re-united again. However, I don't really like their newest record but I think if you do and are willing to pay the 30€, they could be worth the visit.

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