Friday, 25 March 2011

Preview: the week ahead (28th March -3rd April)

We are not terribly impressed by this week's live music offering in Germany's capital. We may stay at home and count our trading cards instead. But if you feel like going out, here's a few options:

Matt & Kim at Lido: I'm a sucker for fashion blogs. And this group was recommended by a fashion blogger from Australia who saw them live at a festival. They play radio conform pop music with a twist - maybe think of a light version of MIA. It's intriguing - it could go one way or the other: Either this duo from Brooklyn are the next big thing and turn dull or they up their experimental and dance pieces and turn amazing. I'm guessing the former will be the case but hopefully, I'll be proven wrong.
Sunburned Hand of the Man and Cam Deas at Marie-Antoinette: I'm looking forward to this and I'm quite excited how Sundburned are as a live band. If you like this whole New Weird America folk thing, this is a must see! Expect something between Psychedelic, Folk and Experimental noise. But then again, judging from some videos on Youtube, I have absolutely no idea what to expect. Listening to some of their songs, my guest-dog started howling, he seemed to like them. Cam Deas plays crazy experimental instrumental stuff on a 12-string acoustic guitar. If you missed his February show at Madame Claude's, this is your second chance.

Mogwai at Huxley's: No need to introduce these Scots to you. And top marks to Mogwai for avoiding a big reunion comeback by never splitting up in the first place. Amazing band. And it's now happening at Huxley's instead of Postbahnhof.

Flip Grater at Monarch: When I mistakenly searched Flip Greater on Myspace, Elvis Presley came up. Ha! But no, Elvis has not risen from the dead. Instead, Miss Grater, a songstress from New Zealand will perform at Monarch on Wednesday evening. This may turn out very nice: a drink in hand, a mellow guitar and a nice slightly smoky voice, watching Kotti from one of the large windows. I know, I know, I have recommended similar events at Monarch to you before. But it's a nice thing to do mid-week.

Kid Ikarus at Ida Nowhere: Berlin locals who love knobs and buttons. Fun to watch and just the right thing to get you started into the weekend, especially if you are planning on going out dancing later that night.

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