Thursday, 6 January 2011

What's 2011 got in store

Happy New Year! to those who I haven't told yet.

I've researched a bit about what 2011 might bring. Here are a few highlights that I am getting excited about already.

Godspeed! You Black Emperor are playing Berlin in two weeks time. I once saw them play the Union Chapel in London and came away in absolute awe. Amazing!

Crystal Fighters - what's with bands that have Crystal in their name? I like them all. But then, I used to live in Crystal Palace. These guys from Spain mix all sorts of genres but could be summarised as electronic pop I guess. They also play in two weeks time. Dance!

Aidan Baker's "Chainsaw" has been one of my favourite songs for a while now. It gives me the same relaxed pleasure as soaking in a hot bath. He's playing at the end of this month. Experimental god!

Crocodiles  support White Lies at the start of March. Crocodiles really convinced us with their fuzzy rock music last time they were over and I would have wished for a headline gig but I guess this is a chance to see them anyway. A really good live band. Support!

The Books experiment with electronic equipment and samples and whatever else takes their fancy. They will visit Berlin at the end of April and I for one am very excited about this one. Don't miss!

MINKS - modern indie music the way they play it at The Smell in LA but this group is from New York. This is a project I am really looking forward to. Reminds me of my youth listening to Dinosaur Jr and yet it's so up-to-date and could just as well be performing with Wavves. No dates have been set yet but they are coming over in 2011. Pop sensation!

Eternal Summers - girl-boy-lo-fi-action from Virginia, USA. Lovers of K Records or the British Lo Fi music scene from the 90s will get excited. Intelligent Indie music the way I like it. No dates set yet but currently booking. Can't wait!

Austra is the new signing of Domino Records. A Canadian trio that do electronic experimental yet pop music. They are doing a mini tour this month but bypass Berlin. However, I am expecting them to return to Europe later in the year and surely, they can't miss Berlin twice? Look out!

Of course this is just a taster and there is lots more in store for the year. Especially for the first half of the year the calendar is filling fast. So keep checking back - I will do more 2011 previews as I go along.

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