Sunday, 30 January 2011

Preview: the week ahead (31st Jan - 6th Feb)

OK, let's face it: who needs a gig guide when the Club Transmediale is on? Therefore, I'll give a quick overview of gigs outside of CTM in this post and then you'll get a separate preview from me with my picks of the vast offering that is CTM.

I Might Be Wrong at Magnet: MySpace is so hateable. It returns "They Might Be Giants" when entering a query for "I Might Be Wrong". Yes, I know TMBG but I wanted to look up IMBW. For real. Just as much as MySpace has its preference, so does the local indie radio station, which likes to play I Might Be Wrong a lot. It's just perfect radio music: poppy yet clever. Fans of The XX should definitely go for this. But if you don't get into the groove, just head next door to... 
...The Vaselines at Comet: Do you believe the Dum Dum Girls took their name from a Vaselines song? Perhaps. I don't actually know. But the brilliant Scottish Vaselines will appeal to the same crowd for sure. But watch out! The Vaselines have been aorund for a long time and they know how to rock hard. Oh yes.

The Black Atlantic at Schokoladen: I really can't think of too many Dutch bands I listen to but this is one that springs to mind. Their quiet dreamy tunes will fill Schokoladen with wonder for sure. Very pretty indeed.
The Haters at West Germany: How do they fit two gigs into their busy CTM schedule at West Germany? I have no idea but they do. After Gay Beast last Sunday, it's The Haters today, an art project involving samples and noise and some more noise. I like noise.

Terror Bird at Bis Aufs Messer: The name is deceiving. It's not a grind core band of some sort. Terror Bird actually play wavey pop, synth and all. Very cool. This is a must-go-gig! Don't forget that Bis Aufs Messer is a record store and that gigs here start very punctual because the shop is situated in a residential area.

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