Sunday, 23 January 2011

Preview: the week ahead (24th-30th Jan)

A mellow week before the Transmediale is going take over many people's lives. I'm going to spend this week doing Aerobic and going to see Aidan Baker and Gay Beast. Here is what this week has got in store for you:

Scott Rudd at Madame Claude: See my preview from last week! This is another chance to take in the beautiful songs of Mr. Rudd.

New Idea Society + Château Laut at Schokoladen: Poppy post-allsorts emo. Sweet and should be a nice cosy evening at Schokoladen.
The Notwist at Huxley's: The mighty. I was a massive fan of The Notwist about 12 years ago. I have to admit, I've ceased to listen to their records. But I expect them to still give great concerts.

Aidan Baker + John Farah at Madame Claude: Heroes of experimental music, these two are bound to widen your horizon this Friday. It's like theatre without the actors. Read up on them online - this space just isn't enough to convey to you the magic. However, this short film may give you an idea:

No Nebraska! at Scherer 8: unusual experimental post-HC ideas and variable instrumentation to match. I truly recommend this to you.

Gay Beast + Gelbart at West Germany: Long-awaited, cannot-wait gig. The magic that is Gay Beast played at nbi exactly a year ago and hardly anybody attended. The performance was amazing though. This year they're returning but this time to West Germany and with minimalist experimental project Gelbart. There is always a set crowd that shows up here and the atmosphere of West Germany will suit the music better I reckon. So I can't wait for this Sunday. Come out and join me! We'll watch Tatort afterwards online when we're back home and tucked in in bed.

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