Saturday, 15 January 2011

Preview: the week ahead (17th-23th Jan)

The year is in full swing again with several events this week which make my bloodpressure rise. JEFF The Brotherhood and Japanther in one week? What else do you need? And if you are lucky enough to hold a Godspeed You! Black Emperor ticket...

Ink & Dagger at Cassiopeia: Hardcore Punk with a vampire theme. Now if that isn't fun... I admit I'm a sceptic because the original singer, Sean Patrick McCabe, died several years ago. The band has reformed with a different singer (Geoff Rickly of Thursday fame) and although this is apparently working out musically, to me, the stage presence of Sean Patrick McCabe is irreplaceable. Still, Ink & Dagger is a cult band and if you haven't seen them before, this is a chance I guess. Cancelled!
JEFF The Brotherhood at West Germany: I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am about this event. It's my first one at West Germany in the new year and what a band to begin my gig year with! JEFF The Brotherhood are from Nashville and on Jack White's Third Man Records. Now you know what you're getting? No you don't. Of course they look and sound like children of the 1970s and of course they have the odd blues influence but overall they play late 70s punk and rock. Dance, rock, energy. Any indie kid is going to appreciate them but so are the rock and the punk crowd. Raw two-man energy. I can't wait!

Scott Rudd and Oldseed at Schokoladen: Fancy some folk after rocking out at West Germany on Monday? I don't like all singer-songwriter material and not everything that is folk automatically catches my attention. So when I recommend something of this genre, you can be sure that I really dig it. Scott Rudd and Oldseed are such artists. I am a big fan of Songs:Ohia and although Mr Rudd and Mr Bjerring don't have Mr Molina's voice, their music gives me similar goosebumps. And what better venue to dream in than Schokoladen?
Godspeed You! Black Emperor at Astra: Sold out. Nothing else to say but if you have a way of sneaking in I suggest you do so. One of the most impressive live acts I have ever witnessed.

Crystal Fighters and Minnaars at Magnet Club: OK, so there was me praising Crystal Fighters in my 2011 preview. And now I will be at the Japanther gig that night. But if you like to dance and have fun with electro pop Spaniards and if Japanther is totally not your thing, I still recommend this event to you. It's just screaming fun. Also, I think that Minnaars from England are noteworthy. They do the typical British indie thing but this may go somewhere. They're playing again next week BTW.
Japanther and Shellshag at West Germany: Pop. Punk. So sweet. Fun. Meet me at West Germany on Thursday, dressed to dance.

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