Tuesday 4 January 2011

Preview: This Saturday (8th Jan 2011)

It's the start of the year and that's not usually a popular time to tour. In a couple of weeks, we'll be back to Berlin's busy live music calendar but for now, we are taking it mellow. But there is one concert happening this Saturday that may be up your street.

Child Abuse and BATALJ at Schokoladen: Well, I'll be honest with you. The last time Child Abuse played in Berlin at West Germany, it made their support act look very good. Gary War was opening and even though I'm not a massive fan, he's the one I remembered with fondness at the end of the night. And this is not because Child Abuse were playing badly but because they were spening a lot of the break times slagging off promoters across Europe. Not knowing whether their anger was justified or not, it seemed rude manners to publicly call for distrust of people in other European countries. And most likely, nobody in the room had ever heard of these people. I certainly hadn't.
But musically, Child Abuse are a pretty unique group that is worth paying attention to. It's a noise ensemble with a twist. The musical setting is that of a math noise group while the vocals remind me of dark metal at its finest. Think Eye Hate God meets The Locust meets Battles. If you can.
Supporting group BATALJ are Berlin based with Scandinavian roots. Noise and Screamo à la Gravity Records and Three One G. If that's your cup of tea you'll like them. A link to a past live performance.

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