Sunday 2 January 2011

Review: Birthmark + Kid Ikarus

"Fuck curfews, right?", said the man of Birthmark who could play the clarinet, the bass, the drums and the violin. Which is a good summary of the night, really.

It was packed. Plenty of people were up for a pre-new-year's-eve-party. What a good idea. KIM is a bar in a disused shop front, entirely tiled (and therefore very cold when it's freezing outside), with a small upstairs seating area. It was a good choice for a short-notice event to celebrate before the big celebration. Or the idea was: take some pressure off the new year's event.

Kid Ikarus is a one-to-two-man side project of Berlin based group ampl:tude and consists of some drum effects (either with a drum computer or sampled pieces of music), a guitar and a singer who doesn't mind being the centre of attention. And all the songs (at least I think it was all of them) were cover songs, primarily of the post HC genre but also some German punk and a Hip Hop tune. It's very fun to watch and may also include puppets. We laughed. A lot.

Birthmark are a more serious musical endeavour. Nate Kinsella of Joan Of Arc fame has grouped other musicians to create a sound similar to that of JOA but more rhythmic at times. I am not very familiar with their recordings but live, this is good stuff. The instrumentation varies a lot and includes drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, a violin and a clarinet. And the musicians switch around playing these instruments. They had to shorten their set because of a live music curfew but personally, I appreciate short sets that are enjoyable and to the point over long sets that bore you.

Most people stayed for the afterparty that lasted until 6am the next day. And we all met up again in the evening to celebrate New Year's Eve. But that's another story.

I couldn't take any pictures because the light in the bar didn't suffice for my humble iPhone App camera that I always use. Sorry about that.

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