Sunday 9 January 2011

Preview: the week ahead (10th-16th Jan)

Another quiet week to chill out or catch up on work that has piled up over the holidays. Next week is going to get more exciting with Japanther, Godspeed! You Black Emperor (sold out BTW), Crystal Fighters and JEFF The Brotherhood. This week I've got two noteworthy events in the calendar:

Tennis at Comet Club: This group is the perfect solution for all those who wish themselves back into the innocent days of the 1960s. Musically at least. Backcomb that hair, put the pastel colours and polka dots on and come out dancing in style.

The Effort and Gold Kids at Cassiopeia: I know I write a lot about schmindie music and experimental tunes but at heart, I'm still a noise kid. HC music got boring with age but every now and so often, there is a group to respark that old feeling. Fucked Up did this for me and The Effort are such a group, playing traditional HC the way you have heard it a million times, but with a twist here or there, and more importantly: catchy and extremely energetic. It appeals to HC kids and punk kids and fans of noisier indie-rock, too. Due to popular demand, this gig has already been moved from Lovelite to Cassiopeia, so be sure to get there early if you don't have a ticket already. And be prepared for a big party and a lot of dancing and sing-along but also expect to be fending off kids in Earth Crisis shirts who have got no rhythm and to whom dancing is a foreign vocabulary.

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