Thursday, 14 November 2013

Review: Destruction Unit

The contrast couldn't have been more stark: one minute we were on Privatclub's cosy sofa, listening to the innocent songs of Waxahatchee, the next, we were at West Germany with a room full of snotty punks, rocking out to Destruction Unit. The nights out that we have in this town.

What were all the punk rockers doing there anyway? When we climbed the stairs to the second floor, I was transported back into my teenage years and the HC punk shows that I went to on any given night of the week. Punks were lingering on the steps to West Germany, smoking and drinking; the room was filled with leather jackets and extrovert haircuts. Visually, I was loving this, however, it did make me wonder whether I had got Destruction Unit all wrong. Though Spotify lists Ty Segall and Japanther as "related artists" and there is a distinct punk rock element to their sound, DU add clear wave and psychedelic elements to their songs that I would have not thought would appeal to this particular crowd. There is as much prog rock in there as there is a rebellious energy.

True enough, once the band were starting to drag out their songs with long guitar loop parts, the crowd got restless. We were positioned near the back of the room and people were just walking in and out as if they all had ADS and were on speed. The distraction could not stop me loving this band. DU rocked so hard, the sound was good and helped the band to blast their crushing dark numbers at us. With every song, we were getting more into it.

The music stood out. This group puts no effort in focussing on the individuals behind the songs. You are being encompassed in their well-crafted noise, you can practically close your eyes while you dance away. I could not even tell you what the band looked like, right after the gig, I could not tell you.

What a great show. It's a shame the audience could maybe not quite enjoy it for what it was, desperate to make this a punk show with all the trimmings, but no matter. Destruction Unit are back in Berlin on Saturday, 16 November at Auster Club. I for one will be there. Count me in!

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