Monday, 18 November 2013

Preview: the week ahead (18th - 24th Nov)

Brrrr. Long underwear at the ready. Also this week: some real gems in our preview.


  • Linda Perhacs at Berghain Kantine: Linda Perhacs is an American folk singer songwriter. She released Parallelograms, her only record, in 1970 without many people taking notice of it. It was later “rediscovered” and highly influential for people involved in the the New Weird America movement. She didn’t play a single concert for nearly 40 years and now plays in Germany for the first time ever. This Berlin show also is the only Germany show on her current tour.


  • Crystal Stilts and Vex Ruffin at Gretchen: When Crystal Stilts released their debut album in 2008, the music press hyped them like nothing else. Unlike so often, the hype was well-deserved in the case of CS. The record is a timeless piece of music that I can listen to over an over. Their dark and hip energy was something new on the scene. CS grew bored of it, it seemed, and bands doing the same thing sprung up all over New York and the rest of the world. The idea was no longer novel when I went to see them a few years back at Festsaal and little had remained of the old magic. Now, Crystal Stilts have switched labels - the almighty Sacred Bones is the new home! - and the new material is very promising. I have been looking forward to this for a long while, I am sure this is going to be so great, so meet me there. Exciting support, too - check it out!
  • Glenn Jones at Monarch: By now you’re certainly familiar with the ‘Since The Devil Is Gone I Mostly Feel Lonely’ series at Monarch. This week Glenn Jones will play; he’s an acoustic guitar player and released some music on Thrill Jockey records. He used to play in Cul de Sac and collaborated with John Fahey and the former Can vocalist Damo Suzuki.


  • Camera at SO36: We have written about Camera lots of times before on this blog and this time you get the chance to see them in a special setting. They’ll play at SO36 on a small riser in the middle of the audience, so this is a nice attempt at combining their spontaneous U-Bahnhof and open air gigs with a more “professional” setting. In case you haven’t noticed yet, we’ve got a little competition going on for this show.


  • Don Vito, Jealousy Mountain Duo and Grow Grow at Kastanienkeller: With all the singer songwriter music that’s been going on this week, here’s a little variety. Don Vito are great and they are an incredibly fun band to watch live. They play weird and heavy noise rock with influences ranging from jazz to mathrock, think of Erase Errata and Aids Wolf. I went to see them before and I was in awe. Jealousy Mountain Duo sound more no wave and jazz influenced and Grow Grow play groovy noise-rock somewhere between Shellac and Ten Volt Shock. Very cool line-up and definitely worth the visit!



  • Paper Beat Scissors and Michael Feuerstack at Monarch: Another singer songwriter based evening at Monarch. This time Paper Beat Scissors and Michael Feuerstack, whom you may know for playing in Snailhouse, will present their beautiful and emotional songs live.

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