Sunday 24 November 2013

Preview: the week ahead (25th Nov - 1st Dec)

I don’t know about you but when the nights draw in towards the end of the year and Xmas feels nigh, I start wondering whether I have experienced enough this year. I start urging for some last minute action. Even more so this year as I read recently that the more “first experiences” you have the slower time seems to lapse. A good incentive to go out on the town this week. Here is an extensive selection with not one, but five, videos to waste some time on.


  • Dump and Masha Qrella at Monarch: James McNew, bassist of Yo La Tengo, has this cutesy little solo project called Dump. Lo-fi indie pop with self-drawn record covers. Really sweet. Masha Qrella is a good match in the same vein. Monarch = perfect venue for this.


  • Tempers and Jessy Lanza at Kantine: Wave-infused electronic music is not typically my thing and, frankly, I have not decided yet whether I love or loath Tempers. However, I do feel that what they do is interesting and intriguing and Kantine might just be the perfect place to check this out.
  • Jacco Gardner at Privatclub: You know I love Mr. Gardner’s 60s-infused pop music. I featured him before, including this video favourite. Who cares, it’s perfect for a cold autumn weekend.


  • Blouse at Auster Club: Another week, another Captured Tracks’ band? Sure, why not. I love all the dream pop and shoegaze projects the hip of-the-moment label is churning out. Hell, I’m a CT fan, ok?! On that note, Blouse are exactly what you would expect from CT and très cool at that. A clear recommendation.

  • Erfolg and Seftel at Schokoladen: Erfolg, i.e. Johannes of The Chap, and his women’s choir were the clear winners of Torstrassen Festival. Catch them again at a Torstrassen venue. Early - it’s Schokoladen!
  • No Joy, Doom Squad and Secret Secret Girl at Urban Spree: The highly-awaited triple bill Canadian night is finally here. Fuzzy guitars, shoegazy indie tunes, some rock’n’roll. No doubt a great night out. Also, we are running a competition for this, you might want to check out.

  • Villagers at Frannz: You know my love for Villagers by now, I have reviewed them often enough. Head to Frannz on Friday if your love is matching mine.
  • Za! and SchnAAk and the Rundu Choir at NK: J. is a big SchnAAk fan and has given them sterling reviews before, so they along would be worth the trip to NK this Friday. Catalans Za! are the stars of the week, playing again this Sunday. We like their spazzy electro-rock fuse music and feel you will appreciate them, too. This is going to be a great night, promise.

  • Lovers and Levitations at about:blank: A good, good night at about blank. Lovers were great last time, and so were Levitations. A nice ladies’ night you might not want to miss I say.
  • Mother of the Unicorn, The Still and Kenny Lump at Antje Öklesund: A mellow evening of folky and smoky tunes. For those who want to chill with beautiful music, this is our recommendation.
  • Hanni El Khatib at Magnet: Ok, I shall be honest with you. I don’t really know all that much about Los Angeles dude Hanni El Khatib. But I do love this video so and that’s worth sharing, even if I will most likely not make it to the gig (I mean, look at this chocker full preview!). A nice tune and fantastic visuals on this grey weekend day for you:

  • The Pyramids and Za! Workshop Orchestra at NK: There are several groups called The Pyramids, so it’s hard to research tonight’s act. The Facebook event page give you a nice little bio though. We have previewed this particular The Pyramids before, so you might be familiar with the name. Hailing from the 70s and billed as “cosmic jazz”, they appeal to those who love afro-jazz and psychedelic music as much as to fans of free jazz. I am personally reminded of Haitian voodoo music when I hear this band perform. A treat. Za! again (see Friday!), too.


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