Monday 11 November 2013

Preview: the week ahead (11th - 17th Nov)

November in full swing. Don't you love it?! Well, make sure to deny the fact that supermarkets are selling Christmas chocolates already and head to one of 4 (!) very promising shows tonight and a host of good gigs the rest of the week.

  • Cheap Time and Canoyn Spree at bei Ruth: This is your last chance to visit a show at bei Ruth before they are taking a winter break. If you’re in the mood for snotty garage punk this might be worth your attention.
  • Metz and Chetahs at Bi Nuu: The hip noise rockers of Metz are returning to Berlin again. For fans of Shellac and the like and for C*. Wichita protegée Cheatahs are a worthy support.

  • Jacuzzi Boys and Jackson Scott at Privatclub: Read C*’s enthusiastic review from last time and make sure you bring your punk dance spirits with you! Great support from the new kid on the scene, Jackson Scott, who has recently been signed to Fat Possum Records and, I predict, has a shining career ahead of him.
  • Bill Orcutt at Monarch: Another “Since The Devil Is Gone I Mostly Feel Lonely” - event, which means freaky and weird folk tunes are waiting for you. This time featuring Bill Orcutt who used to play in Harry Pussy.


  • Lee Ranaldo & the Dust and Magik Markers at Lido: For fans of Sonic Youth this is probably a must-see show but Lee Ranaldo is not only worth mentioning for his work with Sonic Youth. This time he’s being supported by Magik Markers, whose now-wave inspired noise rock sounds a bit like a mix between Sonic Youth and Deerhoof.


  • DEATH at C-Club (moved from Bi Nuu): DEATH (the metal band, not the proto-punk band) formed in 1983 and their take on Death Metal inspired countless bands after them. They departed after the death (no pun intended) of their founding member, singer and guitarist Chuck Schuldiner in 2001 and reunited with their former band members. Word on the street is that this is an amazing live experience. (PS: I really wanted to give you a video and a band link for this but you try and internet search Death...)

  • OM and Pole at Volksbühne: After their last show at Berghain, OM return to another nice Berlin venue and play Volksbühne this time. They started as a “side project” to Sleep and combine heavy and distorted bass lines with rhythmic drumming and elements of drone and ambient, making their music meditative and heavy at the same time. J’s gig of the week!
  • John Wizards at Kantine: Though the name sounds like something from the 70s with long beards, this group actually plays analogue minimalist dance music. Watch out for a competition later on today!


  • Felix Kubin at West Germany: We announced one of Kubin’s last Berlin shows as follows and we still mean it: Felix Kubin has been around for like 20 years and by now he could easily be seen as one of Germany’s most well-known artists in several fields of electronic music, theater, performances and radio plays. He combines intelligent content with moments of dadaistic humour and his live shows usually turn out to be amazing parties. This time he plays as part of a two-day (actually three but the third one not in Berlin) event on Friday AND Saturday. Have a look at the facebook event page here, there are lots of other nice bands playing (Les Trucs, Gelbart) plus some lectures and performances going on.


  • Destruction Unit at Auster Club: Destruction unit really convinced C* and Gary at West Germany the other week. So it is neat that their European tour includes a second Berlin stop. Highly recommended. The review from the other week will follow before this Saturday, to help you make up your mind. Promise!
  • Weekend at Monarch: C* is reportedly a fan of these shoegaze rockers (and not the German wanna-be-rapper). Read her review from the time they played Comet to an empty room or the time they supported The Kills to 1,500 people.

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