Wednesday 27 February 2013

Review: Ducktails

A friend of mine told me a while ago about his theory (he called it curse) why bands are losing it when they change to UK indie label Domino. He didn't have an example but it did make sense back then, don't ask me why. Well, Ducktails are on Domino now and maybe that could be his piece of evidence. So, I went to their show last week to see if my friend is right or not.

I first saw Ducktails a couple of years ago in this small gallery venue in Schöneberg called White Rabbit (oh, I miss that place). Back then Ducktails were only Matthew Mondanile. He had released a handful of tapes and his self-titled album on Not Not Fun had just been released. His psychedelic surf guitar sound was the soundtrack of my summer 2009 and when he joined Real Estate everything was perfect. With an unbelievable ease, he produced one sugar coated popsong after another with Ducktails or Real Estate. I don't know why, but I ended up losing interest in his solo projects even though Landscapes and III: Arcade Dynamics were solid records.

A month ago, Matt released his newest record The Flower Lane and this time with a proper band. So, their Euro tour came right on time to promote this record and to convince me again. Haus Ungarn (ex-hbc) was not seated like usually, so I guess they expected a dancy crowd and from the beginning on everyone at least shook their head.

Their new sound was kinda different than I had expected. Very 80s like with loads of keyboards, even though there was a second guitar player in the band. It reminded me strangely enough of American Psycho. I instantly saw hundreds of pages elaborating Ducktails' career or maybe it was just my inner Patrick Bateman who urged to kill most of the audience.

Fortunately his trademark guitar sound with all the delays and reverb hadn't vanished, but, to be honest, even though the songs were very dangling and catchy, I forgot them immediately. Maybe because of the bands performance. Is being bored the new cool? They looked so pale while playing the songs, it was unbelievable. Only Matt showed some excitment from time to time. An hour went by and I felt well entertained and when they played their hit Kill The Vibe as encore I was kinda pleased.

One week later I'm still not sure what to think about The Flower Lane and my friend's Domino theory. And after seeing their new video to Letter To Intent, I'm pretty sure I have to play this record more often in the summer because I'm really sick of these grey days.

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