Monday 18 February 2013

Preview - the week ahead (18th Feb - 24th Feb)

Thanks to everyone who attended our lovely tea party yesterday and to our cake baking and decoration crafting friends. And of course special thanks to Grinni and West Germany for making it possible. We're probably going to show you some pictures here sometime soon. Until then, here's the preview for the upcoming week.

Esben & The Witch at Bi Nuu: Dark and 80s influenced electro indie music with very distinctive female vocals. Think of bands like Austra and Zola Jesus and you sort of get there. They’re really good at what they’re doing so check them out if you’re into stuff like that.
Maher Shalal Hash Baz at Marie-Antoinette: Heavily drawing on the reference of Velvet Underground, as well as reminding me of Belle & Sebastian at times, this Japanese indie pop project is sure to make your night a pleasant one. A treat.

Dinosaur Jr at Postbahnhof: Well I guess we don’t really have to introduce Dinosaur Jr to you. They’re like the legends of fuzzy indie rock and have been around since 1984. With some intermission in between they’re back to the original line-up and are releasing records and playing live shows again. They’re also officially the only band on the planet who are still allowed to play guitar solos. We’re so looking forward to this!
the Chap and p0nk at about:blank: We mentioned the Chap here a couple of times already. They play experimental but still danceable indie music and are well known for being an entertaining live act. Now they’re playing a show and announced it to be the last one for a probably long time. I don’t really know if that’s supposed to be like an unofficial break up or really just a long term pause of band activity, anyway if you haven’t seen the Chap until now - this is your (last?) chance!

Ducktails at Haus Ungarn: Ducktails started out as a band on Woodsist records and feature a member of Real Estate. Now Ducktails sort of combine the indie pop approach of Real Estate with the lo-fi folk and experimental approach of many Woodsist bands and create some pretty nice music. They just released a new record, which is actually much more of a pop record than their earlier stuff, so I guess you could expect a decent amount of new material, hopefully mixed with some older songs.

Sigur Ros at Tempodrom: It’s a Sigur Ros show in a huge tent. What else is there to say about it other than that it’s probably going to be good?

Bdybldng and Blank Pages at Schokoladen: Schokoladen celebrates it’s first year of not being evicted and it does so with some experimental noise rock and some Wipers style melodic punkrock. Afterwards there will also be dancy party music by the Gewalt Disney DJ Team. Sounds like a neat way to get ready for the next year of Schokoladen’s existence!

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