Monday 4 February 2013

Preview: the week ahead (4th - 10th Feb)

February has only just come in the door and taken its boots off and already there it feels like spring has come early, with not only Berlinale transforming town into one big fest, but more gigs on the menu than you can ever swallow. Alright! We are sticking to the basics this week btw, as in: our absolute must-go-to gigs.

The Soft Pack at Comet: The Soft Pack are just a great lo-fi indie pop band. I saw them a few years back and was not that impressed on that particular occasion but I would give them the benefit of the doubt anytime. The records are really rather enjoyable.

Tweak Bird and Opa at West-Germany: Rock’n’roll, the 70s variety, raw and fun. C*’s gig of the week, in her favourite living room, and the place to be on Tuesday. Alright!

O. Children at Monarch: I mistakenly previewed this last month and this is what I said, probably: Very cool dark wave, mystifying and not to be missed. A treat!
Die Heiterkeit and Fenster at Kantine am Berghain: Very popular all-girl quirk pop outfit Die Heiterkeit are releasing their album and have asked international Berlin favourites Fenster to support for this. This is going to be packed and you better show up early!

Tamaryn and Jaguwar at Comet Club: Sure, there is an overload of dream pop groups around at the moment but you know, demand and offering. I am sure Tamaryn are going to please and if you like you dream pop, as I do, head out to Comet on Thursday.

Friday is insane this week - just have a look at the calendar. So to make it easy for you, we are previewing only one gig for you, the one you need to be at:
SchnAAk and Opa at West Germany: SchnAAk are amazing. They play experimental noise rock mixed with weird grooves and tribal rhythms. This is their first Berlin show since quite a while and we’re excited to finally see them again and present their newest EP Cool Drink Town! Expect a party!

Men Without Hats at K17: You can dance if you want to. And you probably will. Saturday night alright at K17 with some new wave indie rock action.


Hoax and Pig//Control at Tiefgrund (starts 6.30pm!): some nice chaotic hardcore punk for the end of the weekend. Hoax’s live shows are supposed to be quite the experience. Pig//Control are a relatively new band from Berlin, crusty and fast pissed punk.
Fabulous Diamonds at Monarch (starts 6pm!): Ambienty, dreamy and experimental but not as whacky as this may sound. Relax this Sunday afternoon at this very special Monarch matinée. A must-go-to-thingy.

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