Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Es Hängt Ein Pferdehalfter An Der Wand (What Is Love)

Yeah yeah, we mostly do reviews about Berlin concerts, but from time to time we're seeing music-related things we couldn't stop thinking about. Like this small exhibition "Es Hängt Ein Pferdehalfter An Der Wand (What Is Love)" I visited last Saturday at Rumpsti Pumsti, a Neukölln record store.

The Berliner Mario Passarotto collected all 430 records which topped the German charts between 1953 and 1993 and displays after 15 month work now the most important and maybe most frightening record collection in Germany. The German music record charts were established in December 1953 with the first ever Number 1 record being "Es hängt ein Pferdehalfter an der Wand" performed by Die Kilima Hawaiians. The last Number 1 record which was exclusively released on vinyl was "What Is Love" by Haddaway in 1993.

When I first heard the concept of this exhibition I thought, okay, there are record covers on a wall. That's it. But that's not all. This is unbelievable history and pretty private too. The first 20 years are funny, German pop music, sometimes a Beattles song, but honestly I've never heard most of them before. The mid 70s Number 1 hits are much more familiar, maybe from the radio during an endless family trip. With an older sister my musical education started in the early 80s. I have no idea how often I had to listen to Pierre Cosso & Bonnie Bianco's Stay and let's not forget A-ha. Our shared room was decorated with Morten Harket posters everywhere. And in a weak moment I thought I like them too.

Anyway, from the mid 80s my own memories started and this is where the real fun begins. Every song, and I'm pretty sure I knew every single song, has its own story. Holiday camp disco, first mixtape or the song, which crashed down the wall. A collection of awkward secrets and guilty pleasures.

If you wanna go to see this, make sure you are going with someone older or younger. Everyone has a different story to these songs and you can spent hours of laughing and regretting. What a wonderful idea. Open till early March. Go!

P.S. There is an interview with Mario unfortunately in German about his exhibition. Read it here.

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