Monday, 25 February 2013

Preview - the week ahead (25th Feb - 3rd Mar)

Sorry for being THAT late, we're all kind of busy right now. Hopefully you figured out how to check our calendar on your own, as usual there's some nice stuff in there that we don't cover here. So despite being late and somewhat shorter than usual, here's a preview for the week that just started.

Umberto, Moon Wheel and Farfour at Urban Spree: Umberto are nice, they play electronica influenced music that sounds like analog synthies mixed with some contemporary sounds and motifs. If you like Gatekeeper, Zombie Zombie and bands alike you’ll definitely like Umberto. Moon Wheel sound like an interesting mix of drone and electronic music that could really work nicely live, it’s more minimal than what Umberto do but fits quite good musically. Farfour also kind of sound alike, they’re a bit more atmospherical and dreamy and less beat oriented. I’ve never been to Urban Spree and have no idea what that location is like. You’ll find it at Revaler Straße 99, pretty much around the corner from Cassiopeia and Astra.

Big Eater and Display at Knochenbox: Big Eater, a new Berlin band featuring Al Burian from Milemarker and Challenger. They’re releasing a tape that night which you can listen to on their bandcamp site. Think of post punk stuff with some funky grooves. Also playing are Display which we recently reviewed here.

Aidan Baker and A-Sun Amissa at Schokoladen: Another Aidan Baker show, this time he’ll be playing at Schokoladen. Support are A-Sun Amissa, prepare for an evening of atmospherical drone music.

Masha Qrella at Hans Otto Theater (Potsdam): Masha Qrella plays a show in Potsdam this Friday. Might be worth the out of town travel!

Metz and Radio Burroughs at Berghain Kantine: Metz, the noise rock hype from last year, visit Berghain Kantine for a show. So this is your chance to check out if they live up to the praise they get. Support are Berlin based Radio Burroughs of whom you probably already heard.

Maserati, Günther Schickert and Thisquietarmy at BiNuu: Maserati and Günther Schickert played Berlin together two years ago, and although we weren’t really convinced of that show (review here: this could be of interest for some of you. Maserati released a new record since then and changed some things and sounds, so if you’re into krautrocky electronica post rock, give them a try. Thisquietarmy is a regular acquaintance of Aidan Baker, so if drony ambient guitar noise is your thing, here you go.

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  1. I think you're mistaken about the Maserate Date:
    Their Germany Tour got postponed to the end of april! ;)