Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Review: Crocodiles (again)

Remember the Civil Civic concert and my subsequent review? Remember how disappointed I was that this amazing band, one of my absolute favourites, weren't given the chance to give a good performance because of the sound that night and other more minor circumstances? Remember my frustration?

Well, as sad as I am to say this, but this night tells a similar story. I was so hyped to go to this show. Having seen Crocodiles three times before, performing to perfection yet with raw rock'n'roll sound and antics, I couldn't wait for another party with this group, and to hear the new material. For this was the record release party for the new album. The excitement was almost unbearable. I'm a fan after all.

But as soon as the band started I was questioning whether I was standing in a bad spot because I could almost only hear the drum's cymbals and a high-pitched guitar plus overly echoey vocals. Hardly any bass, let alone the backing singers (Dee Dee Dum Dum!) or the organ. When things hadn't changed after a few songs, I moved to the middle of the room, then to the back. Wherever I stood, it made no difference. 

To make matters worse, there was nothing to see either. No lights had been set up to light the stage because, in theory, there were projections attracting attention away from the band. In practise, the projections were not attention drawing enough, possibly not being projected the way they had been intended. I'm not sure. But it was too dark to see the band or any action or the fact that there were 7 people on stage. BTW, that's also the reason there are no pics in this review.

After about 7 or 8 songs I gave up and went to the bar, where I witnessed friend after friend come out of the concert room with sad eyes. Everybody loves this band and had been excited about this gig. Because the new songs are good, I'm sure of it. And the old ones are constant favourites of mine. And this is an amazing live band. And the most lovely and competent people. This band rocks my world. But this night was not meant to be. Something was not clicking.

So, I do hope that Crocodiles will return soon to set this town on fire again, to show what they are made of. And to finally showcase the new material in the best possible way. Because they will. Cannot wait!!

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  1. They will play soon by the Berlin Festival on 7-8 September!!