Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Rainy jazz

Later this week, the infamous free Bergmannstraßen Jazz Fest will take place again. I'll be honest with you, most of the acts on the five stages will not appeal to the majority of our readers. However, because you may snub the event altogether, I felt compelled to let you know about a few things I find noteworthy. May the rain be with us!

4pm (Mehringdamm stage) - Mike Russell & Band: Originally from Washington, D.C., Mike Russell is a jazz and funk institution since the 1970s, when he played for Warhol among others. A lot of today's free jazz and world music groups remind me of his guitar sound and use of African rhythms. If you like it funky, consider this.
6pm (Nostizstraße theatre stage) - Blockflöte des Todes: I have featured this comedian musician before. His intelligent German lyrics with a satirical take on Berlin, relationships, and allsorts make me smile.

3pm (Zossener Str. stage) - Reverend Shine Snake Oil Company: This prompted me to post about the jazz fest in the first place. Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co play raw, party improvised jazz with a lot of garage influence. I honestly think this will be worth your trip out to the fest. With some good food in hand, see these cats do their magic.

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