Friday 22 June 2012

Quick review: New Order

I think a lot of people will testify that New Order holds a special place in their lives. In my case, New Order is the band that embodies my childhood. My mother was a big fan and I associate New Order's Blue Monday, the greatest dance hit of all time, with large-scale Goa parties by the Indian Ocean in the early mornings. So it was rather odd to see my mum off home to Belgium in the morning and then be invited to watch New Order at Tempdrom in the evening.
And what's not to like? Seeing Blue Monday or Joy Division classics like Transmission and Love Will Tear Us Apart perform live by those who wrote these pearls of music is a prizeless experience. Even if it's at a large venue, even if the light show was way over the top (albeit fascinating), even if a cinema screen size projection didn't quite fit the simplicity of Joy Division's Isolation. Even if. It's New Order / Joy Division live, in front of my eyes, playing those songs to perfection.

And just to see Stephen Morris solo would have made my week, month, year. What a drummer! Make love to me - now!


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  1. Here's one of many videos of the gig on YouTube. Naturally, we weren't up on the balconies but down on the floor but the video still gives a good impression of the concert.