Sunday 10 June 2012

Preview: the week ahead (11th - 17th June)

Are you watching football or avoiding it at all cost? Either way, there are not too many exciting events this week but we've picked out a couple of sweet ones for you. Peaking Lights and Bear in Heaven - no, wait, that's the same gig. So f**king excited.

The Walkmen at Roter Salon: Powerful post-punk indie rock, simply really really good. You cannot go wrong at Roter Salon this Monday.

Peaking Lights and Bear in Heaven at Festsaal: Gig of the week, hands down. And boy, are we excited! Peaking Lights is one of those bands, once you disover it, it will never leave you. Beautiful tunes to wave sounds, with experimental ideas added. You can dance to them but you can also just sway and be content. Either way is perfect. Bear in Heaven, originally post-punk really, are a lot more commercial these days, sound like a straight import from the 80s, and will make you dance. Really good indie disco material.

Stab, No, Mülltüte and Diät at bei Roy: Stab and No are both dark chaotic and a bit crusty hardcore bands from the UK. For me the local support bands are more interesting this night, Mülltüte is a duo playing fast and pissed hardcorepunk with an undeniable Deutschpunk influence. Diät play heavily 80s influenced post punky stuff, think of raw early Joy Division. Check them out, they're by far one of the most interesting bands in Berlin right now!

Summer Kick Off Mini Fest at Schokoladen: mOck + The Dropout Patrol + Young Hare + Sissters + Ampl:tude + Petula -> a late afternoon (starts at 5!) with a fine selection of bands local to Berlin and one from Frankfurt.
Mundo Muerto at bei Roy: Old school chaos HC the way you go crazy to and feel the buzz. The kind of music that got me to appreciate live music in the first place.

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