Friday, 22 June 2012

Preview: the week ahead (25th Jun - 1st Jul)

We had the longest night of the year this week and the summer break started for school children. Summer should be truly here, though we don't really feel it. In the meantime, we have a highly intellectual music week ahead for you. Feel your brain cells grow while you attend any of the following performances.

Gravenhurst at Comet Club: We have featured Nick Talbot's project on Warp Records before. His melancholic tunes, sometimes quiet, sometimes rocking, appeal to any real fan of intelligent independent music. It's not experimental or ground-breaking, just plain good.

Embryo at Friedenskirche Charlottenburg: These experimental noise Krautrock legends are celebrated their 40 year anniversary a couple of years back. Not many bands can claim that. They are giving a rare couple of concerts in Berlin this week. Highly recommended.
Jack White at Tempodrom: Some might say that you either love or hate Jack White. I beg to differ. I think there is a Jack White lover in everyone of us. May it be his rebel streak that we admire or the quirkiness or his art and design sense. Or plain simple his music. Though always influenced by the blues, his music spans across genres and turns anyone from kids to football fans (what is that about?) to old men into fans. The man is giving a performance at Tempodrom tonight in support of his recently released solo record. A "you cannot miss" kinda gig, if you have the cash or connections that is.

Embryo at Sowieso: See Tuesday's preview!

VUK and All We Are at Schokoladen: VUK is a Finnish-American artist and reminds me of Björk crossed with African music. Pretty special. Support from UK based group All We Are. Be there before 8 - it's Schokoladen.
Wooden Shjips at Festsaal Kreuzberg: Finally, the week of the highly anticipated Wooden Shjips gig has approached. Psychedelic rock music at its very best. Dance, dance the night away. I cannot wait!!

XXL and Zea at Marie-Antoinette: XXL is basically a combined project of the groups Xiu Xiu and Larsen. A beautiful experimental extravanganza. When we refer to Zea, we don't mean the South Korean boy band but the Dutch electric solo project by The Ex member Arnold de Boer. J.'s gig of the week!

Kool Thing and NAADYN at Marie-Antoinette: Kool Thing is a Berlin based two-piece with an obvious Sonic Youth reference in their band name. As much as they seem to admire post punk, their music reminds me more of current female electronic artists Grimes, Zola Jesus or Coco Rosie. If you are into this thing, this band fits in nicely.

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