Friday 5 August 2011

Review: Algernon Cadwallader + 1994!

No big surprises that night but also no disappointments.
I think this was actually my first of the now early starting Schokoladen shows, so I arrived on time at 8pm and wondered why there were so few people in the room. However it was already quite hot in the room.

Schokoladen filled quickly and it didn't take 1994! long to start playing. I didn't know them before and to be honest they weren't my cup of tea. They played fast noisy punk with just guitar and drums. At first I heard nothing but drums, then the sound got a bit better but I didn't want to watch the whole set, so I hung out in the back room.

When Algernon Cadwallader started, the room was pretty packed and thus really really hot. I'm not that fond of sold out Schokoladen shows so I searched a place in the back with a little space to stand and breathe. Algernon Cadwallader played a solid set of their mixture of mathy and poppy punk which sounds not unlike Cap'n Jazz and comparable bands. They're fun to watch and good live, plus they're very likeable and congenial guys. Somehow I liked them better the last time they played in Berlin but this wasn't a bad concert after all.

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