Tuesday 23 August 2011

Quick review: Crocodiles

I was so very unsure of whether this was going to work. Crocodiles at Festsaal? Sounds like a gamble. But what do you know? It did work just fine. This was thanks to a fairly young audience willing to dance and support the band. But primarily, that band has gone from a lo-fi two-piece to a professional five-piece band, which knows how to perform. And they don't need amazing lighting or projections or curtains. Rock'n'Roll and an attitude is all it takes.

The odd thing was: all the while I was watching the gig I was thinking "I shouldn't like this" and all the while I was loving it. The music doesn't seem that special when you theoretically analyse it. It's a mix of a lot of "have heard before". The stage show isn't out of the ordinary. But Crocodiles just get it right. It all works perfectly in synch - the music with the attitude and performance - and you can't help but enjoy it. 

I'm glad they seem to have taken a liking to Berlin, having played here twice this year, as well as a couple of DJ gigs. Because they somehow match Berlin and Berlin appreciates them. They are a good band, the way good bands should be: no gimmicks.

If you like to see pictures of Crocodiles and read a little more about them, check out my review of their gig at West Germany.

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