Sunday 21 August 2011

Preview: the week ahead (22nd-28th August)

Sorry just a quick and short preview this time. As it seems, C*'s internet connection still isn't working and I'm not in town, so please check the calendar for further concert info. There's some more cool stuff going on that's worth a visit. If we missed anything really important please drop us a comment!

Blonde Redhead at Lido: I never saw Blonde Redhead live but I love quite a few of their records. So I think I should probably go there. If you don't know them already you have until Wednesday to go to a recordstore of your choice and get a copy of Misery is a Butterfly or La Mia Vita Violenta.

Auxes and Oiro at Schokoladen: This is quite a funny mix but I like when bands play together which don't actually sound the same. Sure it's both punk in one way or another, but Auxes' edgy noise rock doesn't really sound like Oiro's Deutschpunk. Give Auxes a try, chances are good that they'll throw in some Challenger songs. I never really listened to the latest Oiro records, but their early output is good.

If you're up to see something experimental you have two choices (in reality you'll probably have a lot more but well...). Go to Staalplaat's last part of the Staaltape Fest and watch Joke Lanz and Ute Waldhausen. Alternatively go to bei Roy and see Olgar, Alan Gleeson , Nikolas Wiese and Heidrun Schramm.


  1. I'll add to this that Digger Barnes is playing at White Trash on Tuesday. It's only €3 and if you've read my review of his gig at Bei Roy you know it's worth every Cent of that. See you tomorrow!

  2. aah, why is digger always playing when i can't go, for christ's sake?