Sunday 7 August 2011

Preview: the week ahead (8th - 14th Aug)

It's official Comet Club week for us here at the craze. You hardly ever see us at either Magnet or Comet but somehow, this week, there seems to be a gig worth attending at Comet almost every night. And I have to say: I like the size and set up of Comet Club. It's not as bad as its reputation. But there is other stuff going on, too. Let's hope the sunshine plays along on Saturday...

Crystal Stilts at Comet Club: OK, for a second I was unsure whether I should feature this at all after my disappointing experience with Crystal Stilts at Festsaal earlier this spring. However, they write ingenius songs and I have seem them at their best and was convinced. This smaller venue will suit them well and I reckon this will be worth attending. I cannot find a support name for this one so I'd be on time if I was you...
Sebadoh at Festsaal Kreuzberg: Of course, if you have got a chance to see Sebadoh, then I would do that instead! As much as I like Crystal Stilts, they're no competition for Sebadoh, indie veterans of my youth. Yum!

Ringo Deathstarr and Puro Instinct at Comet Club: I have recently rediscovered one of my favourite bands of the 90s: Lush. And Ringo Deathstarr remind me of Lush and all those fuzzy 90s indie groups. At the same time they, and Puro Instinct, will appeal to lovers of Wavves, Best Coast and other current West Coast lo-fi indie music. I'm not sure whether Ringo Deathstarr deserve the hype they're receiving at the moment (especially since they've been around for quite some time) but this will be a sweet gig to go to on a Tuesday night.

HORSE the band at Comet Club: It's a metal noise fest at Comet on Wednesday. You have to like your metal for this one but at the same time, this is very clever with a lot of unexpected experimental sounds in the mix. It's a bit as if you mixed math core with metal core. Not sure what I'm talking about? Check them out and be amazed or laugh or both, whichever way you are inclined.

Tennis at Comet Club: I got a positive surprise from this pop sensation last time at the same venue. And it was packed. So if you like your pop, be early for this one or, even better, get a ticket in advance.

I am Oak and Rue Royale at Schokoladen: J. pointed me in the direction of this concert. The man knows me too well! Indeed, this is the right thing for the craze girl. Beautiful folk music from the Netherlands, in the vein of Songs:Ohia, Austin Lucas et al - I'm sold. Rue Royale are Birmingham / Chicago based and do folky singer-songwriter girl-boy stuff. Nice. See you at 7pm on Thursday!

The World/Inferno Friendship Society at Schokoladen: This is taking place outside in the yard and could easily turn into one of the funnest parties this year! The Society knows how to entertain a crowd and they are particularly good in unusual and quirky environments. This is a must-go event. And like any events at Schokoladen, this starts at 7pm. Be early and don't miss this.

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