Sunday 14 August 2011

Preview: the week ahead (15th-21st August)

Kind of a slow week again with noch that much going on. Nonetheless there are some gems, so check out what's going on. Any additions? Just leave us a comment!

eXperimontag at Madame Claude: Madame Claude's weekly experimental event features some pretty interesting stuff this week. Mat Pogo and Ignaz Schick are doing a collaboration as well as Erin Sexton and Seiji Morimoto. DJ Placido, Sec_ and Ondula are also playing. Musically this probably will be mostly electro-acoustic experimental noise stuff. I saw Mat Pogo and Seiji Morimoto some time ago, they're both worth a visit at Madame Claude!

Off!, Fucked Up and Nothing at SO36: Off! is like this hardcore super group, consisting of members of Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Hot Snakes... they play fast and pissed punkrock. Fucked Up play something comparable, I think they're getting quite big at the moment so you'll probably heard (of) them before and don't need further introduction.

DJ Marcelle and Kraapola at Bei Roy: In case you missed DJ Marcelle the last time she played at bei Roy, here you go! She plays a highly danceable mix of dubstep, breakcore, world music, experimental stuff and everything else you can dance to. She's mixing it all live, go see her, it's awesome!
Seiji Morimoto, Kakawaka and Man Karton at Staaplaat Record Store: This is Staaltape Fest part 3 of 4. Expect some interesting and unconventional experimental stuff in nice record store atmosphere!

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  1. i commented on this from my phone ages ago and have only just noticed that my comment never appeared.
    this craze girl will be at crocodiles + comanechi at festsaal on saturday. yay!