Sunday, 27 November 2011

Preview: the week ahead (28th Nov - 4th Dec)

Ok, mellow week over, *whoa*!!, crazy week ahead. Spot us around town almost every night this week, if we can keep up with ourselves that is.

Bandrekorder ’59, Appendicks and Nonhorse at Sucked Orange Galerie: An evening of "audiovisual noise, movements, accidents, improvisations and dialogs" and probably a good start in the week. I only know Nonhorse from New York, he does some very interesting drony tape manipulation stuff. Check out the gallery's blog to get some more info on the other artists.
Loney Dear at Privat Club: C* saw this maker of beautiful pop pearls at a Scandinavian themed evening at Frannz a couple of years ago and fell in love with the music of this ordinary man who composes incredible tunes. If you like your music poppy, and maybe a tad romantic, this is recommended and the venue more appropriate than last time. 

TomutonttuHelmÉl-G and Heatsick at West Germany: West Germany has some really good experimental stuff this night! If you know Kemialliset Ystävät or Birds of Delay, check this out, Tomutonttu, Helm and Heatsick are side projects of the mentioned acts.
The Babies and Fenster at Marie-Antoinette: What happens when you mix Vivian Girls with Woods? According to Pitchfork, exactly that: "an exact combination of Vivian Girls' ramshackle garage-pop and Woods' lo-fi campfire classic rock." Yum. C* will be dancing with all of you on Tuesday.

Hush Hush and Dystrakzion (Eine Welt aus Hack: Thee Ausstellung) at West-Germany: This is going to be something different. It's an exhibition but it's also not. And it's also a concert and there's going to be a performance. Oh and a movie. Probably check out the facebook event page for further details. And be sure to finally check out Distraction/Dystrakzion, they're amazing live (as I mentioned several times before)! Part Two of the Eine Welt aus Hack Ausstellung will be the day after, different program, different bands, but definitely also worth a visit.
The Kills at Columbiahalle: I've pre- and reviewed this rock duo often enough. You should know the gist by now. Say hi to me, C*, when you see me at C-Halle on Wednesday!

The Death Set at Comet Club: Australians turned Americans doing electro punk the way it should be: super fun. This is going to be a party of mayhem, also because of The Death Set's fanatical fans that seem to follow them. If you like Team Robespierre etc then don't miss this. Cannot wait!!
Iceage at Levee: Hip HC for those that like a bit of art in their noise. C* was well excited about their previously scheduled show that then had to be cancelled. Now they finally make it to Berlin but C* is already going to see Death Set at Comet (long set plan). Oh well, can't have it all. But this is going to be amazing. Btw, read an interesting short piece about the band, incl. video, on this blog.
Bass Drum of Death at Monarch: Wait, did I, C* just moan about missing Iceage. Ha! Not only that, but I'm also missing Bass Drum of Death. AAhhh, this town is too much sometimes. Anyway, these rockers do that rock thing in a garagy rock kind of way. Go if you want to rock out.

High Places at HAU2: Electronic outfit on Thrill Jockey, pretty pop but darkish at times, too.
John Maus and Gary War at Berghain: C*'s gig of the week. Charismatic one-man-show John Maus at this biggest venue in Berlin to date, supported by trash-one-man-show Gary War. What a bill, what a night ahead. Saturday night is alright indeed!

R. Stevie Moore at Marie-Antoinette: The world's most productive man's second appearance in Berlin this year and it should be another fine one. If you didn't get a ticket to Hot Snakes on time, then this is your alternative show tonight.
Hot Snakes at Festsaal Kreuzberg: hope you got your tickets ready, the mighty Hot Snakes, probably one of the best post-hardcore/punk bands ever, reunite and I'm exxxxxxcited to say the least! I hate the kids and you should, too!

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  1. also there's spoek mathambo playing on friday at prince charles - - which somehow sounds promising: