Saturday, 12 November 2011

Preview: the week ahead (14th - 20th Nov)

Whoa!!? How are we going to make it to all these gigs this week??? There is simply too much greatness playing this town and we are live music nerds and feel like we have to see it all. The choices are just too great and it's too hard to make up our minds. Help!!

For Mondays like this I dislike Berlin...
Pinback at Lido: Pinback are like an indie rock super group but somehow in a good way. Pinback members also play(ed) in awesome bands like Three Mile Pilot, Systems Officer and many more. They're also from San Diego, so there are some reasons why they somehow sound a bit like the Black Heart Procession. If you don't already know Pinback but are into Black Heart Procession/Three Mile Pilot like music, you have to see this!
Embryo at Madame Claude: Embryo are one of German Krautrock's most well known band's. They exist  since 1969 and are still around somehow. If you are into krautrocky music and somehow can resist to go to Marie Antoinette this is probably a must see.
Silver Apples, Sightings and Dustin Wong and Decimus at Marie Antoinette: Silver Apples originally was a psychedelic electronic duo from New York. They released two seriously awesome records in 1968 and 1969, then split up, somehow reunited in the mid 90s. Now it's only Simeon playing a solo version of the Silver Apples, but chances are good this is still amazing... See c*'s november highlights for her take on Sightings.

Cara Beth Satalino and Royal Chord at Madame Claude: If you missed the lady last Sunday, here is your second chance to see Ms Satalino perform. She is playing on a double bill with Royal Chord..
Cheveu and Gelbart at West-Germany: You will enjoy Cheveu. The electro-punk trio from Paris appeal to Japanther fans and others who like their music anarchistic. Support from experimental electro project, which will make this a perfect night out in our favourite living room.
Chokebore at Marie Antoinette: Chokebore are back in Berlin again. If you missed their last gig at Festsaal Kreuzberg, here's your next chance.

Rachid Haroun at Monarch: How often do you get to see Algerien folk music? All the time, really? Well, for us this is a rare opportunity to enjoy some of this. Rachid Haroun plays at Monarch as part of an ongoing folk festival, Since The Devil Is Gone I Mostly Feel Lonely, that is very interesting, worth your attention and features a considerable amount of music from Africa. Go support and broaden your horizon!
Arto Lindsay at HBC: Well-known for being the guitarist of the early New York No Wave pioneers D.N.A. and for playing in bands like the Lounge Lizards and Ambitious Lovers, Arto Lindsay nowadays plays solo shows consisting of experimental guitar noises and almost catchy soft voiced songs. And he's still awesome.

Snailhouse at Schokoladen: Folky-bluesy singer-songwriter stuff, of the beardy variety. Schokoladen should be the perfect venue for this. Remember the early starting time!
Xeno and Oaklander and Martial Canterel at King Kong Club: Check out Xeno and Oaklander if you like dark Cold Wave synthi stuff. They sound like a mixture of Chromatics/Desire and early the Cure.

Retox and Sissters at Lovelite: Bloody hell, c* is so excited about this one! Did you go crazy for San Diego HC in the 90s, bought anything from Gravity or Three One G records that you could get your hands on? Do you did punk rock that is innovative and rips off your pants with its force? Yes? Let's go insane this Friday night when Justin Pearson (The Locust, Some Girls, Swing Kids) and friends showcase their new project on Ipecac records at Lovelite. Local favourites Sissters are lucky girls and get to support this. 

Siskiyou and Carter Tanton at Schokoladen: The Canadian post rock group is returning on a European tour and will mesmerise their audience with their a progessiv yet pop sound, including saws and the likes. Sweet. C* will attempt to go to this before heading over to West Germany later on.
Josiah Wolf & Liz Wolf at Berghain: Why? did a little thing at hbc a while back and now Josiah Wolf of Why? is playing with Liz Wolf, formerly Liz Hodson, at Berghain, performing their folky and psychedelic duet. Expect greatness.
Nurses and Gardens & Villa at West Germany: Nurses = Psych dance pop, in the vein of Pocahaunted, Coco Rosie or Metronomy, and très en vogue. Gardens & Villa = an indie pop affair that is very pleasant and sweet. C* will most likely be seen swaying and dancing to these two acts on Saturday.
Ryan Francesconi at Monarch: Portland's singer-songwriter genius Mr Francesconi is going to play as part of the afore-mentioned folk festival and unless you are already at one of the other three above events, you should make sure to check him out. He ain't your regular s-s, there is a whole lot of influences going on that will make this a special performance indeed.

JEFF the Brotherhood and Jean Paul Moustache at White Trash: JEFF are coming back to Berlin, oh yes! Their gig at West Germany earlier this year will definitely make c*'s top ten list of gigs this year. To have this pleasure twice in a year... According to White Trash's website, this is going to take place in the restaurant, which surprised me. Let's see how that is going to pan out. We'll dance wherever of course. We're fans.
The Sandwitches at Monarch: C*'s heart is bleeding because The Sandwitches and JEFF The Brotherhood are playing on the same night. Who comes up with these ideas? Anyway, The Sandwitches play girl group guitar pop and that very well. One group to look out for; this talented outfit will make heads turn in due course. I am sure of it!

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