Sunday 20 November 2011

Preview: the week ahead (21th - 27th Nov)

c* has been busy looking after a bunch of sweetest Americans, j.'s been busy looking after a German. Visitor babysitting over, we wonder where this week went so far and why it's already Sunday and the preview isn't out there yet. Well, this has been a crazy week and we're almost glad the upcoming one is fairly mellow before next week hits us again with full force. Busy times. But all good. A couple of reviews coming soon, in the meantime, get your calendars out:

Group Inerane and Steffen Basho-Junghans at Festsaal Kreuzberg: If you're familiar with musicians like Omar Souleyman and similar, you probably already know Group Inerane. They're from Niger/Africa and play a highly interesting mix of music between electric guitars and african rhythms. Check out the video below to get the idea.

Terrible Feelings and Diät at Cortina Bob: Terrible Feelings play wavy 80s punk strongly reminding me of a rougher version of the Organ. Diät from Berlin are supporting them, they fit in really well here, think of pissed early Joy Division/Warsaw stuff.

Damo Suzuki and Sound Carriers at Marie Antoinette: Yes, it's Damo Suzuki again, the former singer of Can.
Sissters and Crack at Monster Ronson's: Sissters had everyone in awe supporting Retox past Friday. Here is another chance to catch them. Remember: best band in Berlin. F'real.

the Antlers at Magnet: the Antlers from New York play nice indie pop. That's somehow a rather meaningless description, but they're good at what they do. I'm not that familiar with their latest record, but I listened endlessly to their Hospice album.

Nisennenmondai + Oneohtrix Point Never + Chris Corsano with Clayton Thomas at Festsaal Kreuzberg: Worthy end of the week! Starting with awesome Chris Corsano on drums and Clayton Thomas on double bass this alone would be reason enough to go to Festsaal Kreuzberg this night. I'm serious, I already saw Corsano twice in Berlin and he surely is one of the best experimental drummers around these days. Oneohtrix Point Never from New York play really interesting synthi ambient drone music. Finally, Nisennenmondai from Tokyo play last. They're an instrumental trio and play a raw but dancy mix of post punk/no wave music. This is going to be so good!


  1. Statement from Monarch: "CANCELLED! - We are sad to announce that CHARLIE PARR cancelled the rest of his tour due to personal conditions. There will be no show at the Monarch this wednesday!"

  2. Statement from Bis Aufs Messer: "GODS & QUEENS had an bad car accident, their Van flipped over a couple times. All are alive - but Jeff broke his collar bone and they sitting in some village in Czech republic w/ out internet etc. - so I just wanted to let people know that they have to cancel the rest of their tour. I hope people / promoters read that. I have contacts her at the moment to let people know personally. If you know some one who booked an upcoming show - please let him know ... I can tell you that G&Q rather would play a show .. Sorry"