Monday 14 February 2011

What's in store for 2011 - Pt 3

More exciting concerts coming your way and, surprise surprise, half of them are in April. That’s just going to be one busy month.

MEN (February) – I’m quite worried about this one. JD Samson’s project played at Festsaal last time, giving a solid performance, and it was packed. This time, they are performing at the much smaller Comet, so I am certainly going to get my ticket this week.

Battles (April) – I have been waiting for this one! Despite having parted with one member (Tyondai) recently, Battles return to Berlin to promote their forthcoming album release. They are playing as opener for Electricity In Our Homes.

No Age at Berghain (April) – OK, so it’s no biggie that No Age play in Berlin because they do so once a year. But I think No Age at Berghain – that’s a big deal. A must-go really.

John Maus at HAU (April) – I was really disappointed when the gig at West Germany was sold out and people were actually queueing on to the street when I arrived the Halloween before last. So the joy when reading that he is finally returning to Berlin and playing a decent size venue. Unfortunately, this gig is coinciding with The Kills gig. Tough one, for me at least.

Zs (April) – we are getting excited about this experimental group’s forthcoming Berlin appearance. Be prepared to queue to get in and be stunned by an extraordinary performance.

Nisennenmondai (May) – this group is so to my liking: girls doing it in an experimental albeit dancey way. Cannot wait!

Chain And The Gang (June) – our favourite political preacher and party animal is returning to town. We are ready for another late night instalment on the dance floor with an ecstatic audience. Yum.

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