Saturday 19 February 2011

Preview: the week ahead (21st-27th Feb)

I was ill this week and haven't been to any concerts. But I have convinced J. to join me in making the most out of this little blog baby. A success story I'm excited about. Anyhoo, this is what we might be doing in the next week.

There are a couple of things on Monday that I'm not fussed about enough to write a spiel on them. Look at the calendar. I just wanted to point out that there is something going on before crazy Friday hits us.

Friday is another one of those days where it's almost impossible to decide where to spend the evening.
Pttrns at Schokoladen: Such a darling band! Pttrns have been one of my favourite bands since they started pretty much - I even tried to convince them once to play for my birthday. They would have but I never celebrated the birthday. Oh well. Anyway, anyone who was a the Pttrns/Shokei gig at Schokoladen the last time will be as over-excited about this one as I am. Cannot wait for Friday!!

Tephra at Cassiopeia: Here is the problem. Musically Tephra are probably geniuses but just not up my street. However, the guys in the band are the sweetest and I would really like to go see one of their outstanding performances this week just for that. Pttrns or Tephra? This is tough.
Konono Nº1 at Berghain: And to make this even harder, there is a real gem coming to Berghain on Friday, too. African music is not getting enough recognition in Europe and here is a rare chance to see a groundbreaking African group at one of the most stunning venues in Berlin. Still can't decide?
The National at C-Halle: Then I should throw in the largest of the four gigs this week (did you even notice I put them in order of venue size??). I am not that fussed about The National even though I can appreciate their work. But I know that J. loves them dearly, so they should get their special mention this week, too. If you can ignore the venue and the audience, you should give The National a chance for they are good song writers and performers.

Pttrns at Klub Der Republik : If you didn't get in last night or missed them for another reason, here is your second chance. 
MEN at Comet Club: I already mentioned this gig in the series of previews for 2011 as this is one of the events I really look forward to this week. The performance of JD Samson fully convinced me last time round and I can't wait to see her with a record in tow. Comet is cosy and I am not certain if you can still get tickets for this or if it's sold out but if you do have a way of getting in, do it.
Former Ghosts at Levee: I appreciate the whole concept of Former Ghosts. His music sits very well in the 80s New Wave genre but adapted to fit the 00s, dark and dancey. The videos and artwork scream current US independent music, fashion and art and I like it. Though I'm slightly concerned by the priority alcohol takes in his videos. A bit eerie. But so is everything about Former Ghosts. Clever.

Carusella at Köpi: Köpi is such an odd venue for this gig and J. actually thought I'd made a mistake when I entered the concert venue. But I've checked it and Köpi it is. I'd consider Carusella a classic rock band and to me, they sound like a female fronted Queens Of The Stone Age. That's very attractive. You can probably go to one of the above two gigs and still make it to Carusella, given how late things start at Köpi and given how affordable gigs are here.

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  1. Nothing to add here except that I'm looking forward to see Make Out! and Young Hare supporting Pttrns.

    I also realized that it's Köpi's 21. birthday party on that same weekend (, so if you need something more 'in your face' you might head over there.