Tuesday 8 February 2011

Review: Gravenhurst

As you know, I'm an avid supporter of West Germany. But I am not certain if this was the right venue for the performance of Gravenhurst.

He played without band and for me, that calls for a seated venue. His music is just so quiet, at times melancholy, and then again, so sweet you could feel spring coming. I think that I would appreciate this type of music more if I was sitting comfortably in a theatre or similar instead of feeling my feet getting heavier by the minute.

West Germany was also sold out very early on in the evening and thus, if you didn't catch a space upfront you didn't see very much of Nick Talbot or were able to hear his inbetween speeches. To begin with, people at the back were whispering in order to avoid annoyance to those who tried to listen. But as the night progressed, it grew louder at the back with people hanging out at the bar. 

I understand the gig was organised last minute and for this, it was very well organised. Otherwise it wouldn't have sold out. I also think that the sound was amazing and therefore, the music carried across beautifully. I felt my mood adjust to the music the minute I entered the concert. So I do consider the evening a success and I'm very glad I went and were able to attend Gravenhurst with such a small intimate crowd. But I do think that in future, when he returns to Berlin, maybe with a band, he needs to play at a larger and more appropriate venue. Until then, I shall dream on to the music of Gravenhurst, a talented songwriter if there ever was one.

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