Sunday 27 February 2011

Preview: the week ahead (28th Feb - 6th March)

While March is going to be fairly mellow for live music in Berlin, this first week has some real gems lined up for us.

Cloud Nothings at Levee Club: American indie pop on Wichita and quite sweet at that. It's their only Germany date on this tour.
Tyvek at West Germany: classic punk rock on In The Red. I say: wild dancing and possibly some swearing, too.

Crocodiles at West Germany: I was oh so disappointed when I found out that Crocodiles are playing at C-Halle in support of White Lies. I love Crocodiles, especially live, but I wouldn't go to C-Halle to see them play to an inappropriate audience. Luckily, some genius thought of letting play a late night concert at West Germany. I'm well excited and up for stuff! If you like Ganglians, Crystal Stilts and sorts, you should join us on Thursday night.
Maserati and Günther Schickert at Lido: Maserati play tight instrumental post-rock. Think of a more groovy version of Mogwai. They are supported by Günther Schickert who plays psychedelic experimental music, you may know him from his former band GAM or his spacy Krautrock release Samtvogel from 1976. I think this is definitely worth a visit.

Yuck at Comet Club: indie noise rock the way we played in our bedrooms in the mid-nineties. I think Yuck are one of those underrated bands. Dinosaur Jr and Wavves fans listen up.
Family Battle Snake, Nothing and Noem at Bei Roy: If you're up to some noisy stuff you probably want to go see Noem, Nothing and Family Battle Snake this Friday at Bei Roy (the former Raum 18). Noem are a Berlin based band and play raw noise rock. Nothing are some sort of hardcore supergroup featuring members of Mönster among others.
The reason I would want to check out this concert are Family Battle Snake from Athens. They have very little to do with hardcore and punk and play drony ambient noise. If you like experimental stuff and are into bands like Time Life, Double Leopards or Wolf Eyes, you should give this a chance.

Tu Fawning at Comet Club: theatrical slightly melancholic music with at times unusual instrumentation from the alternative mecca of Portland, Oregon. This might be interesting live.

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