Saturday 26 February 2011

Review: Pttrns + Make Out! + Young Hare

 There is nothing like a Pttrns night. I truly mean it.

First of all, Pttrns had brought two worthy support acts along. Young Hare do a synth-sample-indie-guitar-thing and don't really play my kind of music but they are good at what they do. They also had fierce competition that night - chapeau!

Make Out! could well advance to become my new favourite band. I'm a fan of Mika Miko as well as Erase Errata and Make Out! remind me of both those bands. Of course this is largely attributed to the female vocals with voice effects but also musically, this group shows strong similarities. Now since I'm not particularly fond of plain copying, you just have to trust me when I say that Make Out! are very individual in music and presentation. I believe I wasn't the only one last night who was very impressed with their set. I hope they will return to Berlin soon.

Pttrns somehow manage to get better every time I see them. I might even go so far as to say that they are my current favourite live band. Whoa!
They have grown from the original three to the current four member line up and the extra percussion just ads that much more fun to a band which already features an aweful lot of percussion in their songs and performances. Add to this an audience which has been equipped with percussion instruments by the group and you get a dance party frenzy as it could only happen at a Pttrns gig. They mainly (or only?) played songs from the album, hence known to the crowd, and they didn't switch instruments around quite as much as they used to. Thus they have perfected the performance of those songs and it pays off: very professional yet super fun.
I have often wondered whether Pttrns would be on a big indie label with the kind of success that Radio 4 or !!! have gained if they were from US or the UK. But one can only speculate on those things. For now, I am ever so grateful that these lovelies come over from the west to play in our cold town every now and so often.

The Tanzwurst DJ team played dance classics until the early morning and we danced and laughed and just didn't want to go back home. This night should have never ended.
And to think that we can do it all again tonight! See you later.

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