Tuesday, 23 November 2010

too much too much - additions this week

Giant Sand are playing tomorrow at Lido and don't feature this in my way too long week preview. That's because there is just so much this week that I keep missing events. But if you like Tom Waits and that sort of thing, you should probably attend this gig.

I also missed off my preview that Helmet are gracing Berlin with a visit at SO36 tomorrow. Oh brother, did I used to be obsessed with that band!! I will go and see The Strange Boys tomorrow because I always prefer young new talent to old guys doing it again but if you haven't seen Helmet yet or feel like awesomeness for its sake, head to SO36 tomorrow.

Here is my favourite song of theirs and what Beavis and Butthead think about it.

Klaxons, one of my favourite dance bands, are playing Astra on Friday. I kind of ignore the existence of Astra, with exceptions, and therefore didn't pay too much attention to this but really, Klaxons are wonderful and were really ground breaking with their first album. So many bands have since adapted that dance-rock-disco-sound. Consider.

Speaking of danceable rock: Freddy Famous are also playing on Friday, this time at Cortina Bob. Absolutely for fans for Electric Six. Here is what to expect live.

And finally, the Haus der Kulturen der Welt is staging an Africa inspired evening featuring musicians from Mali to Cuba. AfroCubism fits in nicely with all that African inspired indie and jazz music that is so popular at the moment. I highly recommend this. Ticket prices vary.

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