Monday, 1 November 2010

Preview: This week

Really, I ought to have done a preview for tonight alone but I've been too busy. So as a summary, you can say that with four desirable events going on tonight, chances are you are not at home. Instead you are either enjoying girls rocking at Festsaal (Warpaint), literature and art at a record shop (Aidan Baker at Bis Aufs Messer), Italian Blues Punk at West Germany (Movie Star Junkies) or cool 70s style rock at Bang Bang Club (Cave). All this today - the flavour of November.

So how is the rest of the week looking?

Tomorrow, two representatives of fabulous LA venue The Smell are coming to Festsaal Kreuzberg. I am of course referring to No Age and Abe Vigoda. Two-piece No Age are reminiscent of early to mid 90s lo-fi indie music and fresh at that. I just cannot wait to see them live after I missed last year's show (read my previous post). Abe Vigoda played in Berlin before as support for The Mae-Shi and I don't recall much of their set because The Mae-Shi blew me away completely and everything else just didn't matter. However, I have since really come to appreciate Abe Vigoda's music and have vowed to go see them again when they come to town and to pay attention this time. They play 80s influenced wavey music with dancy rhythms but also close to British indie music. Both bands appeal to fans of Wavves, by the way, and this is interesting because originally Wavves were quoted in the line-up but then dropped. They play later this month instead now.

On Wednesday, it's Archie Bronson Outfit's turn to ensure no date is open in November's calendar. They play at Magnet and again we're talking wavey and indie and dancy. Really, if you enjoyed Abe Vigoda on Tuesday, you may as well continue on Wednesday at Magnet.

No event in the calendar on Thursday?? Can this be??

West Germany is welcoming Picastro, beautiful melancholy music from Canada, on Friday. This would definitely appeal to fans of the first two albums of The Blackheart Procession but also listeners of French Chanson will appreciate Picastro.

We're meeting at Schokoladen on Saturday, when Des Ark stop by in Berlin. Aimée Argote and friends will make people dream with finest singer-songwriter material and a beautiful voice. Auxes play melodic punk rock that should provide rhythm for the restless. Finally, local heroes Sissters have been supporting Des Ark on several dates on this tour and will do so at Schokoladen, too. Be early as it is going to be very full and you want to make sure you get in.

The week comes to an end with Beach Fossils on Sunday. Another group playing sweet indie pop from Brooklyn, NY. This will definitely get you relaxed into the new week.

And to pick out a highlight for you, here is a No Age video you may enjoy. See you around town!


  1. well, on thursday there's demon's claws playing @ cortina bob, just to have the whole week nice and busy :)

  2. excellent. i've stuck it in the calendar. let's not spend any time at home this month!