Saturday 27 November 2010

Preview: the week ahead (29th Nov - 5th Dec)

And... relax.

We're leaving November behind. Of course, as live music nerds we are grateful for good gigs. And it's definitely helpful for the running of this blog when a lot of events take place. But boy, November was the craziest month this year, and I think we might just benefit from a bit less choice in December and also in January. So here is the start into the Christmas season.

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart at Lido: You've got to like your indie-pop and you will love this group. Twee.
Ty Segall at West Germany: Californian fuzzy garage rock but with a dark folky side. Presumably on tour with a band, or without, I don't actually know. Might meet the crowd from The Strange Boys gig the other night.

Chris Garneau at Grüner Salon
: Mr Garneau reminds me a bit of film noir music. It also reminds me of poppier Black Heart Procession songs. Melancholic, deep and beautiful. Not for the lighthearted. The Cargovideo channel features lots of his piano performances for you to check out.
Munch Munch and Awesome Tapes From Africa at Marie-Antoinette: Munch Munch = Low fi pop the way we like it - quirky, cool and fun. Think Of Montreal taking away half their instruments and losing his production abilities. If that makes sense. Awesome Tapes From Africa = I know nothing about. Presumably, they like music from Africa. But maybe they don't. Either way, you are likely to meet me at this gig.
Trumans Water at Bang Bang Club: Anything from Portland, Oregon, catches my attention because it's got such a vibrant scene. Trumans Water fit right in. Noisy post-punk rock, a bit garage, a bit grunge, a bit post-HC. You get the picture. I think this will be a good gig and for lovers of Dischord records and the likes.

Siskiyou at NBI: Constellation Records is one of those labels I really admire as they stay so true to their choice in bands for their roster. And upkeep quality in a remarkable way. Canadians Siskiyou are just as wonderful as the rest of the bands on the label. Dreamy pop, slightly melancholic but then again happy and quirky. For fans of anything on Constellation or Elliot Smith or The Black Heart Procession (apologies for mentioning them twice today). See you at nbi on Thursday.

The Rural Alberta Advantage at Magnet Club
: Canadians in da house this week. These guys do indie-rock in the post-emo vein and for fans of The Promise Ring, etc.
Dead Kennedys cover song evening at Schokoladen: Who doesn't love a bunch of Dead Kennedys songs to get you into the weekend and rock out all your frustration you had with your boss this week? A nice line-up of Berlin local bands (check out the website), the sweetest venue in town and a crowd set to have fun, you should all flock to Schokoladen on Friday. This is going to be so much fun!

Rocky Votolato at Monarch: I am sure Rocky Votolato doesn't particularly appreciate always being mentioned in one line with his brother Cody, of Blood Brothers, Jaguar Love and Head Wound City fame, now with Telekinesis. Although they once had a band together, Waxwing, Rocky is far less subscribed to rock and way more on the country road. He plays meaningful singer-songer writer material à la Elliot Smith. Have a glass of something while you watch the madness of Kottbusser Tor and listen to Rocky's beautiful voice and guitar. Buy me a drink, too.
Worldtronics Mexico at Haus der Kulturen der Welt: HdKdW is staging an evening of dance music from Mexico as part of their Worldtronics Festival. I think this will broaden the musical horizons of many Berlinians and is worth your attendance. I am well intrigued. Check out the website.
The Indelicates and Juniper Leaf at Bang Bang Club
: The Indelicates = British pop band with British humour. Fun. Juniper Leaf = from London but sounds like American folk really. Sweet.

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion at Volksbühne
: Need I say anything? I don't think so. Long awaited gig by the one and only Mr Jon Spencer. I am just assuming people reading this blog are nerdy enough about music to know about Jon Spencer.

PS: I will no longer link the venues in the posts but will instead start a venue link section on the right hand side of the blog. Just FYI.

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